Thursday, September 15, 2011


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  1. “Brian’s kids picture” And?

  2. ZOMG!! Brian has a black wife/gf!

    Yeah I don’t get it.

  3. What’s wrong with the first picture? A guy is in an interracial relationship…..what’s the joke?

  4. Brian has four mixed race children, Trent and the other person think that they’re funny but they are puerile and immature.

    Brian wins.

  5. The only thing I could possibly think that would be “lame” about the first one is maybe because of the shirts they are wearing…? Other than that, I don’t get it.

  6. I don’t think that’s Brian?

  7. DragonFly, theyre just jokes. no need to get all butt hurt and be so condescending. Chill.

  8. All I can see for the first one (besides the cheesy picture to begin with) is that one of the kids doesn’t look mixed. Either way, it’s very weak.

  9. someone with children whose skin color differ from his?? LOL interracial couples/adoption/etc. sure are lame and hilarious !!!!

  10. WOW, what’s with people on this site suddenly losing their senses of humor and becoming so self righteous? The first one is funny because. The one kid is about 2 times as big as the others, just kind of awkward looking.

  11. Weak day today for LB

  12. I think the first one is supposed to be funny because Brian looks like an Eminem who has spunked out three Jay-zee’s and a Beyonce…

  13. Wow that first one is horribly offensive. A white guy has black kids? Probably with his black wife, or maybe they’re his adopted children. That’s lamebook’s idea of a joke now? What happened to this site? It’s not funny, those kids don’t deserve to be the butt of a racist “joke”.

  14. That’s Brian at the back? I thought it was the oldest kid. It’s hard to tell with his face blurred but he looks young.

  15. There are so many boring and logical explanations for that first image. What’s lame is that it was even posted in the first place.

  16. They’re all extremely lame. I’m even considering saying that this is the lamest post I’ve seen on here. Big call, I know.

  17. Well considering it says ” Brian’s kids” and not ” Brian and his kids” I would have to say the big one at the end is one of his kids… Therefore
    You are all lame and fail.

  18. The first one is funny because the only logical explanation is that Brian was married to a white woman who died while delivering that first, large kid. After a few years of mourning, Brian fell in love with his butler’s daughter, Sun Hon Tse. Together they had 4 kids who look half white, half black, but they are actually half white and half Indian.

  19. Indian, like, those dudes with forehead dots from North Dakota?

  20. No they live in America, not North Dakota.

  21. I agree with Walter. The voice of reason on this website.

  22. That’s a sentence fragment, young lady.

  23. I see that Lamebook has removed the the first post. While I never normally advocate the removal of posts, there have been a couple of entries where I have been all for their removal. And this was one of them. It had absolutely no place being here. And for those of you calling others out for being self-righteous and losing their sense of humour, screw you.

  24. Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

    I have a crush on wordpervert.

    That is all.

  25. I just have to say, I agree with Velvet. 100000000000000000%. That is all, as well.

  26. Lamebook, you scared bro? You scared. Y U NO LEAVE POST?

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