Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jon and Josh Joke

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  1. Dawn of the Dan

    I don’t care for jokes about people having sex in hot air balloons.

    They’re fucked up.

  2. I don’t care for jokes about altar boys.
    They blow.

  3. I don’t care for jokes that aren’t funny.
    They make me want to hurt you.

  4. some people are investing a lot of time here. I wonder if it will pay dividends?

  5. Let up, already, slugfucker. What is your problem that you need to go off on one person you’ve never met at such length? I’m guessing it’s one there are no pills for.

  6. SLG, this is lamebook: for discussing and making fun of facebook posts and occasionally slinging shit at each other. You want livejournal: for writing long-winded, high-school grade “creative writing” prose on how you can triumph over everyone and everything that is out to get you.

    Having said that, please then post a link to your livejournal page- I just *have* to see how this story ends.

  7. as Eddie implied I’m blown away that a person able to profit $7977 in four weeks on the internet. did you look at this site N u t t y R i c h d o t c om

  8. I read up to the part where it said “he had won a victory.”
    SLG’s enthusiasm doesn’t really make up for all the things that make all his posts a chore to read.

  9. Are you people serious? Some of you are waiting for chapter 3? Don’t fucking encourage it!

  10. i’m not just waiting for chapter 3, i’m waiting for the whole book!

  11. Ok talking about the picture in the post, am I the only one who found it ironic that he(she?) ended the status with Period. Now isn’t THAT a vagina joke? :O

  12. ^ Try to keep up, Woofwoof.

  13. ^I didn’t read the comments πŸ™ What did I miss?
    I searched for the word Period on the page, didn’t find it, so commented. 😐

  14. ^if I were you, I’d read the comments here.

  15. ^Comments you say.. I saw that guy write a short(?) story there.. I wouldn’t blame myself for skipping that πŸ˜€

  16. Definitely skip that “short” story. However, “period” was such an obvious pun, it didn’t need mentioning.

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