Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jon Gets Pissed

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    FTW & FBen

  2. I say fake. Because of “I only did that twelve times”.

  3. Haha… those crazyass gays. But a one-sided bitch-rant has little entertainment value. Next.

  4. your fake mattymc

  5. Pissing in a car does about $330 worth of damage?

    *mental note*

  6. mattymc.
    why is there only 50 awful things on your ‘awful’ list???
    also why did i bother clicking it. i just gave you 1 more hit.

  7. Conor, it’s a countdown.

  8. I think I’m warming to Shegsy’s feelings about mattymc. You never existed in my life before, but you do now – only because I’m bored. You are shameless, aren’t you? You make a pathetic little excuse of a comment only to plug your even more pathetic website. And may I just tell you, your site sucks frigging monstrous balls. Go plug it somewhere else, numbnuts.

  9. I think I’ll stay right here, thanks wordpervert – you’re the best 🙂

  10. Yeah, and Word totally pissed in your car 12 time, mattymc.

  11. a shit countdown?
    the site is realy cheaply made. the ‘awful’ things remind me of them stupid shit unintelligent groups people join on facebook. you are one of them people clogging up my news feed giving me a pain in my mind until one day i delete tham as a friend or block them.
    i have a link for you, this is what you are

  12. mattymc … do you own a car?

  13. if you do own a car, please cut the brake lines, or the power steering fluid

  14. i took a shit in your water bottle for your window. i had a dirty kebab as well

  15. Wow. I actually clicked on the 1001awful things site and I am pretty sure it is a third grader’s science experiment for the upcoming Science Fair in the school cafeteria. Or maybe Andy Rooney. Wow.

  16. Ya I lease a car, but I don’t think anyone pissed in it… and I haven’t found any water bottles full of Conors shit in it either… Sounds like someone’s gonna be pissed.

    Wicked picture Conor, I wish I could make it my profile picture on here or something.

  17. Most leased cars have been pissed in at $330 per.

  18. you mean your car has no window washer? how do you wash you window? spit, rub and a bit of hope.
    you lease a car? who leases cars? seriously? is that a normal thing in america????
    do you not own it and are confusing a lease and a loan?
    that should be on your 50 awful things

  19. @conor haha leases are great deals – you get a better quality car than you normally would financing and you’re always covered under warranty. Tons of people lease.

    I think you’re confused though, who brought up window washers?

  20. … my living room has a window whereas my car has a ‘windshield’ and a ‘trunk’, unless I ship it to London where it then has a ‘wind screen’ and a ‘boot’.

  21. i meant the window washer bottle when i said water bottle.

    but you dont own the car, its called insurance. but maybe thats just how we roll in western europe.

    anyway we are going off topic. are you able to defend the shitness of your site without saying your trying to get hits and recognition off google?
    when does the countdown end? what if ye cant find 1001 things (miserable fucks)

  22. windsheild?screen both more or less the same. we use both in Ireland.
    yeah boot and trunk make no sense. you wear a boot and elephants have trunks.

  23. Ah, no .. Pirates have trunks.

  24. pirates??? you mean tresure chest?

  25. Yes, ‘chest’ is also an acceptable word for ‘trunk’. Thank-you.

  26. well im just glad that we sorted out the differences here, thats all i want in life. i can sleep peacefully.

  27. Aw window washer bottle… @mass my car has a front and back windshield and four windows (and a trunk!). I’m pretty stoked about that, it lets me see all around me.

    There’s plenty of awful stuff to populate 1001 things.

    Does no one lease cars in ireland?

  28. is the trunk used to sniff up peanuts?

    well then how about playing a game called populate it.

    no we buy them. we get a car loan and then get insurance for the year, then we own the car and can sell it if we want and only make a small loss. i shall now blame you leasing a car for the recession

  29. don’t blame me leasing a car for the recession, blame me leasing a house for the recession.

  30. wow. please tell me that was you. that was so funny i watched the first 30 seconds and my sides split from laughing.

    also not awesome. no. just no.

  31. You shoulda watched the last part of it: “I could have been a senior citizen, or could have walked into a bus…”, awesome.

  32. no. just no.

    please leave.

  33. WHY did this even make NATIONAL news? god… only in America.
    And lady… no one took your “feelings” into consideration because you are obviously completely retarded and not in the compassionate way. fuck.
    sometimes i wonder… do you ummericans know there are bigger problems in this world?

  34. Jesus, is it still the 90’s where you live mattymc? Between that shit site and leasing a car, I’m convinced you are deficient.

    Worst investments of time and money, ever.

  35. Fuck you Jon, those 8 Balls of coke were for us all! It wasn’t me who insisted on snorting it off each others cocks and smearing it around each others ringers was it?!

    Annnnd you pissed all over my 4k worth of high grade heroin…but I love you.

    mattymc You are attracting a lot of hate mail mate. Perhaps I can come to your rescue by contributing to your list of awful things?… bear in mind my suggestions would be truly awful and not in the same ilk as the rest of the shit on that tepid list of slight annoyances.

  36. Pretty much read this site for the comments. Mofo, I’ve been creeping your blog for like a week now. You make me giggle 🙂

  37. lilgypsy Thanks but less creeping, more chatting! I may not be the perfect host but I don’t always bite, or squirt at visitors.

    If it wasn’t for the fucking ridiculously laborious, drawn out, Mensa like test signing up process that the blog requires, I feel it would be flooded with pervs, reprobates and borderline sociopaths. It’s a way of keeping out the riff raff I suppose?

  38. Yeah, say hello, gypsy. You could get headbutted by his dick, and if that’s not an incentive, I don’t know what is…

    I didn’t mind matty before now.

  39. Lol, but, but, I like biting! Squirting’s always a good thing too. Well, most of the time, anyways.

  40. can I submit these ^^ comments to lamebook’s lamebook?

  41. Mattymc – you seem to me to be a relatively sincere person and I am concerned that the negative press your website is generating (yes, it is shit) could harm you in some way. So, just to help you out a little, leasing cars is indeed a common occurrence this side of the Atlantic, although it often gets badged up with different titles such as PCPs (no, not drugs) or as business leases. In fact, I suspect Conor isn’t aware of it because he is from Ireland and sadly their economy has been quite spectacularly clusterfucked by a bunch of highway robbers and dragged about 100 years back in time. As a result, Conor is probably travelling to work by horse and cart. Or indeed he would be if he still had a job. I believe they now submit internet posts by pigeon to the UK.

  42. its ok. my internet is vodafone.
    i know what a lease is but its just odd to lease your own car. i never leased my horse and my cart is homemade.

    our economy is brilliant, its just a conspiracy theory we are doing shit. we are secretly developing a death star

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