Friday, September 18, 2009

Josh’s Bloody List


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  1. Ha! Owned! 😀

  2. My 3″ kills plenty of vaginas

  3. Jack is badass!

  4. Pfft

  5. A cunning stunt

  6. What’s the difference between a feminist marathon runner and a badge-covered girl scout?

    The second one is a cunning runt.

  7. And the difference between mcowles and Josh? Josh has 3 more inches… 😉

  8. And what if it smiles? Do you lick it??

  9. Jack FTW!

  10. So fun when idiots get owned.

  11. Both a very lame , can you kill a vagina ?, hope my spelling was ok for the grammer police

  12. Your grammar and spelling suck, Jim…

  13. That’s why I always go with “Get to the choppa!”

  14. …I don’t even…what? If it bleeds, he can kill it?

    So, uh, kittens, chickens, dogs, pigs…people?

    Josh, are you CONFESSING something?

  15. STC (#5):

    Just had a huge brain fart and read your post as:

    “A stunning cunt”

  16. Yes Dr Spooner…

  17. Why do people insist on submitting lame ass status messages only after they’ve managed to comment with some “witty” retort? Double lame. Sorry, Jack.

  18. jack FTW

  19. josh=lame.


    that is all.

  20. What about hemorrhoids?

  21. wow, STC… and I thought we were friends :(.

  22. Captain Bucky O'Hare

    14/Canaduck: ‘if it bleeds, we can kill it’ is a quote from Predator. Just so y’know.

  23. I don’t understand. You can’t kill a vagina… It’s not like it’s a living being of its own.

  24. Is this the same Josh that bought the flashjack a few days ago? I think the two stories might be linked. XD

  25. @MK

    You are officially a dumbass

  26. Somebody plays Soldat.

  27. why would you want to make a vagina bleed anyway? sounds kinda messy

  28. You’re all idiots.

  29. Captain Bucky O'Hare

    Raych, you make me frown

  30. a women bleeds for about a week ..
    you wanna kill all women to ?

  31. A 3 inch knife can actually do plenty of damage, trust me i know!

  32. As my old man used to say, ‘Never trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn’t die’ or maybe it was ‘Don’t trust a fart’. I can’t remember now.

  33. LMAO @Too Soon

    Josh is strange, but Jack is off.

  34. Ask me about killing vaginas.

  35. @ Captain Bucky O’Hare: LMAO

  36. “I don’t trust something that bleeds for a week and does not die”

  37. I love Jack, but it’s technically not the vagina that bleeds, it’s the endometrium, the blood just passes from the vagina.

  38. Reference Unnoticed

    It’s a Predator quote… He was probably watching Predator and decided to post it – not exactly lame but the remark was pretty sharp!

  39. Actual Lol

  40. ditto^^^^ Actual Lol indeed!! HAHAHAHA

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