Friday, September 18, 2009

Stomach FLUids


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  1. It’s funny that the “parents” posts here are MUCH funnier/grosser/more inappropriate/etc than any of the posts on “”

    That site gets its name in the press, just because of what they claim, but it’s not worth going to.

  2. hehe. it’s embaressing for your parents to say something like this to you privately… But this…?

  3. Sharts !!
    Seriously, who the hell wants to discuss sharts with their parents, let alone the rest of FB??

  4. “Don’t ever trust a fart”. I love that. I think I might adopt it as my personal motto.

  5. La Roux is a beaut.

    remind me why people have their parents on facebook again?

  6. @ La Roux: Some are fine on there, my mother is grand. Some shouldn’t be let near the internet in general

  7. Sharts……………….love it hahahahahaha

    Kudos to A Lizard.

  8. I never trust a fart no matter what. Considering where they’ve been, they’re lucky I associate with them at all.

  9. @ Boz-that’s true.Some of them are really full of shit.

  10. She speaks the truth. Never trust a fart!

  11. Good to know that moms are tops at embarrassing their offspring in a windy sort of way

  12. don’t trust a fart, never trust a fart.

  13. K should have just deleted the original comment to get rid of what her mom said. Her loss is our lamebook gain.

  14. I wish people would display all comments before sending to lamebook. I feel cheated.

    But it’s true – sometimes you can’t trust a fart, not even your favourite type. Mom’s can always be relied on to give good advice, embarrassingly so.

  15. The louder the better, Jax; and here of course I’m referring to mom’s embarrassing good advice…

  16. I wish people would display all comments before sending to lamebook. I feel cheated.

  17. This site is still not working 100% lekker.

  18. I keep getting database errors. Could be our kak connections though 😉

  19. nah, lame and face books (i.e. The Books) have had problems this week. I can’t blame Telkom for this one.

  20. “You Can Always Trust a Fart”

    –brought to you by the Underwear Manufacturers of America

  21. …are farts lumpy??

  22. Not the stomach flu… She’s pregnant!

  23. In fart we trust ma!

  24. “don’t EVER trust a fart…”

    truer words were never spoken…

  25. Salamiflavoredspider

    Wow… Is this youtube? Why is everyone repeating the funny part over and over in their comments? We know it was funny… we all know what part is funny.

  26. some people just don’t read the comments. (:

  27. wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha this is great!!!

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