Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Just a Reminder. This parent FTW

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  1. Yes! How will this guy now explain to his children that all they are getting for Christmas is a hat and mittens, after spending all of their Christmas money at the horse track, if you’re going to keep giving YOUR children awesome gifts?!

  2. Sounds like someone doesn’t attend boarding school, where this isn’t an issue.

    I really want to raise my kids based on whether or not I may hurt another child’s feelings because that’s important for you. Why don’t I make my kid dumber too.

  3. until I saw the check that said $5410 , I did not believe that…my… friend woz like actualey bringing home money part time from there labtop. . there neighbor started doing this for under 16 months and just paid the dept on their place and bought a brand new Audi Quattro . try this out

    …….. x.vu/fmmrWZ

  4. Sounds like OP should talk to estellesierra, and look into actualey bringing home money part time from there labtop.

  5. Or, how about you just tell your kid, that he was naughty, the neighbours kid wasn’t, and then you keep the story going, and gets free car-washes all of the next year.

  6. And don’t forget to have a good background story for the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. They’ve been hit by the recession too.

  7. If they’re getting high tech expensive technology for Christmas, then they should be old enough to not believe in fairytales..

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