Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Whale of a Typo

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  1. Thanks for telling us, Jade. Now get back to your stripper-pole.

  2. That’s not your mother, Dane! It’s a man, baby!

  3. Hahahaha Shut up

  4. until I saw the check that said $5410 , I did not believe that…my… friend woz like actualey bringing home money part time from there labtop. . there neighbor started doing this for under 16 months and just paid the dept on their place and bought a brand new Audi Quattro . try this out

    …….. x.vu/fmmrWZ

  5. Wonderful job blurring out Jade Washington’s name, Lamebook.

  6. Orcas are not whales. They are members of the dolphin family. Okra is safe to eat and 100% guilt-free. 😉

  7. Damn! I just spent an entire weekend protesting outside my local Cajun grocer’s store trying to get them to release those poor okras back into the sea!

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