Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just A Sec…

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  1. HAH!!!!

  2. that was actually pretty funny.


  4. Poor guy

  5. The secret to a hair trigger: half an ambien an hour before it’s time. It’s magical.

  6. Why, that’s wonderful! I love using PyaPal!

  7. des: And *I* love ‘unexpected surprise’… but ‘SOMETHING unexpected surprise’ is even better. =)

  8. You know what, you just can’t find any sort of cated service anymore, much less dedi cated. I’m so glad they’ve brought this wonderful service back.

  9. wereab STOP TROLLING

  10. in out splat

  11. Oh, Epic Slam on the two pump chump.

    Somebody need to introduce Jackson to opiates.

  12. gah i hate guys that come to quick… I remember i had this bf, we were gonna have sex and i got my bra off and he blew his load in his pants… That was disapointing.

  13. Howdy

    *tries to think of something funny, fails dismally and exits stage left*

  14. comparethemeerkat

    I have the opposite problem to Jackson; I turn my girlfriend’s vagina into what I imagine cured ham feels like if you slam your penis between it. Lube just about does the trick, but it takes so long we end up giving up. Sometimes we laugh. Other times I just feel like punching myself in the penis.

    But coming too early would suck more. Gutted Jackson.

  15. Har Har

  16. Does anyone actually think the kid has this problem?? Clearly Amy read that statement somewhere else and retreaded it, with the other whore who banged Jackson pulling the same shit. Let’s face it, Jackson probably banged these two friends without them knowing. Chicks can say a guy is a minute man or has a tiny dick and its instantly a no win situation for that guy, its a feeble move by the ladies unless it is actually merited.

    But bottom line, guys need to start fighting back by calling out girls for having enormous gaping vaginas. All those tiny dick accusers are packing cavernous elephant poon

  17. analrapist FTW.

  18. “cavernous elephant poon” chuckles

  19. inb4 jackson cum

  20. I’m a girl, but on matters like that, I take guys side. It’s a problem, that a girl should help resolve. Not make a guy feel like shit, just to make herself feel better – insecure cow. No matter if they broke up or not, you just don’t humiliate people like that.

  21. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Actually Jackson humiliated himself by taking the very obvious bait from his ex (that he shouldn’t even be friends with in the first place).

  22. Yeah, that’s true as well. Not so sure on the “no friends” front. I’m friendly with some of my exes. But then I guess the couple in question isn’t…

  23. 100% with Dukey, you want it to blow over like a well played joke? Just laugh at it. Blowing up like that just gonna get you more puns.

  24. Does Amy have only one ex? If not, then I wonder what made Jackson so sure that she was talking about him. She never mentioned a name. So, really, if he had left it alone (or, as other people have said, just laughed it off) it wouldn’t have looked so bad for him because people may have assumed it was another ex. Perhaps one she wasn’t friends with on Facebook.

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