Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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    Emily wins hardcore. :3

  2. Emily wins, but what I’m more astonished at is how 45 people liked it in 17 minutes

  3. Which Emily?

  4. 1st one

  5. Obvious fake. No way 45 people would like that post, especially 45 of her friends (unless she really is the biggest whore on the planet), without Kaitlynn taking it down. Some sort of photoshop was done at bare minimum.

  6. Probably not, she is obviously in school, so i can quite believe that 45 people liked this while having their bums wiped by their mothers. In fact it was probably all the guys she fucked.

    And seriously why are so many people against gay marriage, its 2011! Even Jesus was screwing guys a few few thousand years ago, whats wrong with it now? And Jesus was ginger as well.

  7. i’m against gay marriage because it sounds really boring.

  8. yeah, to me it sounds terrifying.

  9. Jesus as a gay ginger sounds more terrifying than anything.

  10. Win at what?

  11. Wereab is a douchebag…

  12. 45 likes, well hope that tells miss kait something.

  13. I’ve seen more likes in less time. That is definitely plausible.

    My hat is off to Emily,and apparently everybody else has had their hat off in Kaitlyn.

  14. good

  15. I guess Sam and Ron missed the point. No, they are just self-involved duetches.

  16. I like Owen 😀

  17. Sam and Ron totally missed the point.

  18. I am reading a book called Lipstick Apology. The awkward moment when the main character named Emily is dated a guy named Owen….

  19. How did Sam and Ron miss the point ?

  20. Word! Its ridiculous how people can sleep around but because theyre straight christians its somehow justified

  21. *Practise.

  22. ^^Are you trying to correct Emily’s spelling? The Emily who is most likely American? Way to fail.

  23. Fuckin american bitches thinking religion = law.

  24. Yes, stickfigure, but let’s not forget the Iranian/Afghan/various other muslims who think the same thing.

  25. Fuck you Kaitlyn, you miserable whore.

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