Monday, October 1, 2012

Just Awesome

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  1. nice one. except the wallet was probably stolen too.

  2. Driver’s Licenses have a picture, Anne.

  3. UNLESS… he stole the wallet THEN put his own driver’s license in.

  4. I should be a detective.

  5. no, you should be in a secure psychiatric facility for the criminally stupid.
    if this mouthy cunt really had the perp’s driver’s license, do you think they would be pleading for messages to be sent to their (long-gone) phone?
    No, asshole, they wouldn’t; – because driver’s licenses also have a fucking residential address on them, and anyone worth a piss in the surf would be acting on that.

    speaking of surf, bitch, come back and play when you’ve learnt to swim.

  6. I’m sure our American friends can confirm but from my time living in the US I recall some states don’t have an address. I remember that Vermont licenses didn’t have to have a photo though it was mandatory to shoot something endangered before breakfast.

  7. Wow, you really hate me, don’t you?

    The address could be too far. Besides, they probably don’t want to make any more of an effort then what they’ve already planned.

  8. I hate bullshit across the board.
    Just because it is currently spewing the loudest out of you is neither here nor there.

  9. If MY name was “Fucker”, I’d be tempted to become a social terrorist too…

  10. I wonder if that was the name on the credit card?

  11. A man would just take the money, and give the wallet to the cops with a report so he can get his phone back.

  12. ^ How boring is that!?

  13. @3 Yes, because putting your license in a stolen wallet magically transforms the picture into anyone you’d like. Just whisper the name of the person you’d like to be, click your heels and spin three times!

  14. Who fumbles their wallet in the middle of stealing a phone? Worst crook ever.

  15. Not all drivers licenses have home addresses on them. A lot of people put their PO Box.

    Therefore there’s a good chance that the poster could not go to the thief’s house because they don’t have the thief’s home address, just the address of their PO Box.

  16. Rightbrain when did I say anything about transforming pictures, you silly turd cake
    I was saying that it’s his wallet because she saw his DL in there. Obviously if it wasn’t who stole her wallet she probably would have said “someone’s wallet”

  17. ^Do you come with subtitles?

  18. Need to know what happened!! Person whose post this is, please update us!

  19. ^what happened was someone made some bullshit up and posted it, and then all you turd-snacking human goblins believed it. Again.

  20. if there is any truth in it, which is seriously in doubt, has this person not just advertised a time and place for Mr Fucker and his fuckerfriends to beat the shite out of them and roll them again

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  22. Miss Anne Thrope, if you are indeed an anthropologist, I must assume that you study some very angry people, which is why you’re such a parade pisser all the time. Anything positive to say??

  23. yes. I’m positively sure your mother is sorry for birthing such a human turd.

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