Friday, October 4, 2013

Just Mowing the Village

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  1. Mobydickman will!

  2. That’s going to leave an odd looking tan line.
    Pro Tip:
    NEVER borrow that mans ipod. It ain’t in his boot, I guarenfuckingtee you.

  3. I want this guy to mow my lawn.
    No innuendos intended. I swear.

  4. I kind of need to live next to him… Just curious is all. ahem… Like, how does he trim his bush?

  5. I wish those trampoline safety nets existed when I was a kid. I full-on cartwheeled off a trampoline once. I never did cartwheels on a trampoline again, haha!

  6. With that cloth on, it’s his own fault, should he get raped!

  7. I’m guessing he lost a bet.

  8. Fuck me it’s The Lawnmower That Time Forgot!

    Any second now a rubber Triceratops is going to get into a fight with plastic T-Rex over who gets to ream out the failed Chippendale…

  9. How much irony if he was listening to the Village People?

    And Steeemer….no thanks. I have zero desire to watch you mow grass in your skivies.

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