Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just Sad…

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  1. Jamie: You are one big fail.
    Alexandra: Whoaah, calm down, it’s only been 18 minutes …

  2. Awwww, I feel bad for Alexandra.

    That billboard is really something special. Any takers?

  3. I will hang with you, Alex!

  4. Dancinganimal256

    Just how sad does George need to be for his friends to waste money on making a billboard just so he can get a date?

  5. George looks like a cross between Will Farrell and that guy from SugarRay. Just kidding, he looks like a leprechaun.

  6. I think it’s a thing with girls named Alexandra. We’re all big losers. Ha.

  7. krasivaya_devushka

    Ha ha wow.
    Kayla and Courtney must be the type of girls who think it’s cute to act dumb.
    Tsk tsk.

  8. dumboclottttt

  9. I think I know Kayla, does Lameboock can I not type unless I’m holding ther left mouse button down|? Fuck you either Lamebook or my laptop. Fuck you.

  10. Also why did Lamebook blur out details from a PUBLIC BILLBOARD, and why am I now able to type without holding the left mouse button down, seconds after my last comment? And now I’m having to hold it down again. Fuck you, world.

  11. #9, seems to be lamebook. I can’t either :’(

  12. I don’t think he’s going to find that “special girl” with a billboard like that.
    People like Jamie deserved to be punched in the face.
    Kayla and Courtney make me worried for the world.
    And finally, Alexandra is well, just sad.

  13. OK, lamebook…this pop up shit has got to end!

    Poor George, I’m almost temped to call just to cheer him up.

    Umm Jamie, seriously?!

  14. @BritishHobo I can’t type without my left mouse button either. Lame.

  15. Jamie was joking, her only mistake was to spell “bored” incorrectly.

  16. Thanks BH, I was using my notebook to
    type/copy/paste. Much easier. I too am
    curious as to why lamebook blurs out
    details that are not exactly meant to
    be private anyways. Funny trivia fact
    Kayla, more photos will increase the
    weight of your phone, as will songs
    and contact details. But unless you
    a princess it would be to minimal to
    actually feel.

  17. george us a loser
    lamebook yor popus blow
    im outta here

  18. *is

  19. That’s weird … I don’t have any pop ups and can type just fine. Not complaining 🙂 , just wondering.

  20. background on the billboard:

    It was a real billboard in New Orleans, on St Charles Ave next to Voodoo BBQ a few years ago. However it was a prank, not a serious billboard looking for women.

    It was the result of a prank war between George and his friends… I believe this one came after George printed up dozens of T-Shirts that said “Ian is a fag” and had people at Tulane wear them around all day.

  21. Haha! I’ve met George a couple of times and have heard about the billboard, the culmination of an epic-sounding prank war, but have never actually seen it, because it happened a few years ago. It’s weird that it just found its way onto Lamebook after all this time. I’m glad to finally have the chance to see it for myself. Thanks, Lamebook!

  22. I am so pissed off!

  23. Yay, I’m internet famous.

    Seriously, that’s me in the billboard. It was up for about two months on St. Charles Ave during August-October 2006. I was pretty famous around town for a while and got 3-4 calls a day. Mmost of these were immediate hang-ups.

    I’m actually quite surprised at some of the comments here (not really, it’s the internet after all). Besides being its target I had nothing to do with the darn thing. It was – as cafink mentioned – part of an ongoing prank war. Admittedly it was by far the most brilliant in a series of fairly brilliant moves.

    Oh and if your curious, this was during the time when I was nose-to-the-grindstone working on my Masters Thesis and allowed myself all of one going-out outing per week. I did get one date out of the billboard but mostly just had a lot of very odd conversations where I was expected to be entertaining despite the fact that it was random people calling me. I got a surprising amount of men calling me wondering it it worked.

  24. George, call Alexandra.

  25. The billboard is brilliant!!

  26. George! I am the guy who sent in the picture. I know it;yu for two reasons
    1. I never said the last name and I just looked at the picture thats the last name
    2. how I got the picture- I was in new orleans in Aug of 06 to help with after katrina hit. I took a picture of it because it was too funny.
    crazy to actually learn the story.

    To prove it’s me the phone number is 860-463-83–

  27. It’s pretty easy to find out the name and phone number (and the facebook) of the guy on the billboard. Just type in google and the first result takes you to a picture of the billboard in plain view where you can get his number and his last name.

  28. Eh so it is.
    Never looked it up. Well i’m gonna assume thats the story of how it got up there.

  29. So, George, are you taken? Are you still the New Orleans Lover?

  30. Your smile is rather Dexter-like on that billboard…that, in combination with the “New Orleans lover” makes this the most amazing prank. Ever.

  31. So, George, would you say that you were, uh, flooded with calls after the billboard went up?

    Too soon?

  32. @Bucky

    Let me levy with you. Yes, yes it is.

  33. Hurricane!

  34. ummm.. that is a connecticut area code?

  35. I attempted to dabble in promiscuous homosexuality in my younger days. I gave George a call once. We agreed to meet up. I watched from my car when George turned up at our meeting place, a local McDonalds. He waited about 15 minutes, then went inside. Came out with a bag and a drink. He ate the fries and drank his coke, then walked off with the remains of his conquest in the paper bag. I presume it was a Big Mac. Or a Quarter Pounder. When George turned a corner I exited my car and ran after him. I HAD to know. I reached the corner, turned to my left. George had disappeared into the afternoon.

    Which was it George? Big Mac? Quarter Pounder? Cheeseburger?!?! Did you trade my anal virginity for a cheeseburger?????

  36. LOL george i cant believe this made it up here!!!

    the story is true. it cost us $700 and a lot of forged documents to make it happen. the part that george left out was that we managed to keep it a very tight secret and on the day it went up, he went to lunch with several female coworkers to Zea, which was right next to voodoo bbq. he discovered the billboard when one of the ladies pointed it out. FABULOUS.

    best money we ever spent. altho i hate to give ian the credit for it. cuz, you know, as the tshirt said, what a fag.

  37. Why is the billboard pixel-censored? It’s a public billboard. The guy’s advertising his (hopefully) ugly face and contact info for the world to see.

  38. You’re probably right, Fungoid. But it would be nice if George himself would leave a comment explaining his exact involvement with the billboard, just to be sure! That sure would be convenient.

  39. …still wondering why its a Connecticut area code lol

  40. usedconn41- Occasionally in the world, people move out of state. Since the invention of the cell phone, this ensures they can keep their original number. Hence, a Connecticut number in Nawlins. It really is not that weird.

  41. Edit to my last comment- I meant move out of area, not state.

  42. Being the one that submitted that status update, I can safely say that Jamie was not joking.

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