Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just Win Baby!

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  1. i saw the first one and thought i’d gone back in time

  2. All very, very lame.

  3. Oh yeah, Arnold’s done a GREAT job with California, Eric.

  4. Sadly, our new choices weren’t much better either Douche – I mean Jerry Brown? Didn’t he already fail at the job once?

  5. Garret was funny

  6. All were funny, except Chad. I only say this because I’m noticing that David Caruso jokes are getting as common and old as Bieber, Rhianna, MJ jokes, and the like.

    To me, all of these sorts of jokes were at least a little funny, at once time or another, but not anymore. Where’s Hobes when you need him for a rant?

    So Chad, I say to you, as I force you to sit down onto a gun;
    “I guess you were just, *puts sunglasses on* gunning for a hot round shot in you” YEAAHHH. *please note sarcasm, and not a serious attempt at humour*

  7. number one is stupid… we don’t pump our gas or our fists, that’s dumb “Jersey Shore” bullshit, and anyone who says it is automatically a douche nozzle.

  8. If you’re from jersey then you’re already automatically a douche nozzle anyway.

  9. CommentsAtLarge, I agree, as a state we have pretty much no prospects at a good leader.

  10. yeah eric’s a moron.

    as far as jerry brown goes, i believe he was the lesser of the two evils who were running

  11. the title of this thread should have been ‘stupid’ beacause not one of these resembled ‘win’ or were funny in anyway. they were all dumb

  12. yea the jersey shore reference is effen retarded because thats not even how jersey people act, just effen guido morons from staten island

  13. I’m getting a little fed up with all the hoops I have to jump through to understand all the lamebook “jokes.” First I had to read all the Harry Potter and Twilight books, then I had to buy a Justin Bieber cd and now I’m going to have to download Jersey Shore? What’s next lamebook? What’s freaking next!?!?

    (Yeah, that’s right, I HAD seen retarded csi Miami before. So ha, you missed me there you lamebook clowns.)

  14. The Situation is HOT!!!

  15. ♪♪♪♪Governor Moonbeam♪♪♪♪

  16. Haha. I liked the terminator reference.. didn’t get the others. At all.. o___o

  17. Brett is a cunt, this is proved by liking his own status, a sure-fire way of proving your cuntedness, that and referencing the milkshake thing which ceased to be amusing (if it ever was) when dinosaurs roamed the planet.

    Also think he is a repressed homosexual – “Oh my gosh, so many boys in my yard, whatever shall I do?”, spray them with your milkshake Brett, spray them good.

  18. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Paranoid Android likes this.


  19. I just want to announce my undying love for Radiohead.

    That is all.

  20. Maybe I’m in a good mood this morning but Brett made me laugh. Obviously you’re not Paranoid 😛

  21. I mean, come on, liking your own status? I want to punch him in the cock.

  22. Well ok I agree liking your own status is a bit stupid. You can punch him in the cock for that. But at least rub it better for the funny joke?

  23. How do you know he was one of the likers?

  24. I assumed without any evidence whatsoever, that’s how I roll.

    @curly – the funny joke would warrant a slap on the bollocks, with a sledgehammer, covered in broken glass, on fire with a flesh eating parasite.

  25. jonjones, you gotta do better than that.. we’re from Jersey.. we go hard. (another jersey shore reference)

  26. I figured he was the one who submitted the post to Lamebook. But now you’ve made me think about it I suppose it could have been someone else who also “liked” it.

  27. Try not to think about it, I tried and it hurts, best to dive in headfirst and fuck the consequences.

  28. Happens.

  29. Listening to Brett would make it easy to make a very common mistake.

    Milkshake is not the only foodstuff available for use as child bait… Myra Hindley and Ian Brady used spaghetti hoops, whilst Fred West used a combination of Lemon and Coriander Hummus and pickled onion monster munch to lure their victims into their yards.

    Don’t get stuck on Milkshake Brett there are many other delicious options.

  30. Brett’s “joke” is a line from a lame pop song. Not sure where the molestor refernces came from…..

  31. For the record, I was the one who both “liked” and submitted Brett’s status. (I am not Brett.)

  32. Aw, Brett’s and Eric’s status actually made me giggle, which hasn’t happened in ages on this site.

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