Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just Winnin’

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  1. Wasting water and then bragging about other people dying isn’t a win, it’s the actions of a cunt.

    Oh, and, like, I guess I’m the first to comment.

  2. Daneel’s post is my new favorite. But that’s mainly because I know a Dean exactly like this guy.

  3. That is exactly right, Gonzo

  4. the first one was funny.. the second one was very douchebaggish.. the third one was just fuckin stupid.

  5. the only cunt here is gonzo’s mom

  6. Forget it, Gonzo, it’s Africa. There’s nothing you can do.

  7. Shut the fuck up you haters, the shit was funny and you know it. Get off your high horses. Why are you on this site in the first place if you have such thin skin?

  8. ^helping the situation right there.
    Everybody will just go “Gosh. you’re so right newman125001! We’ve been blind, beautiful fools and we are glad you have come to lead us free of hateful, erroneous ways.”
    I swear my skin just got 1/8th thicker.

  9. It’s getting easier and easier to spot the submitters. Welcome, newman.

    Having said that, take THAT Africa. I guess that makes me a cunt / douchebag too, because it definitely made me smirk. And gonzo, yes, I’m pretty sure that glass of water was very important in the scheme of things. Total wastage.

  10. Helloooooo, Newman!

  11. Neither the water he spilled nor the water he refilled it with came from a supply that could possibly have helped Africa, ergo that shit was funny.
    Besides, those selfish, entitled Africans should stop whining, and be happy for what they have, like the fact that they aren’t actively on fire in a Viet Cong rape camp…

  12. Young Mugabe has to walk twenty miles each day to a cholera infected piss pool to fill his bucket with water and then walk twenty miles back to his family, just so they can have a cup of tea.

    Suggestion, Move your corrugated tin hut 20 miles towards the pool and save yourself the walk each day… There, 3rd world water problem sorted out and I haven’t even pushed out my first wank of the day yet.

  13. Hmmmm… sickipedia?

  14. I hope you’re all happy you smug, insensitive, fat, little first-worlders trying to impress each other on the interwebs. You can keep your (“prepared water”) Bonaqua and I’ll keep my Valpre.

  15. Newman125001…cunt. My skin is really thick. Cunt. Most people’s skin here is – doubt they’d be here otherwise. When people don’t like the shitty post you submitted, it’s probably cos it’s shitty.

    Also, if you google “define an English person”, the top result is an entry from Wiki…”cunt”. Not saying you’re English, I bet you’re American. But it kinda works for you.

  16. Ohhhh, i get it now. mad2 said it was funny “ergo” I laugh. ha ha ha. end.

  17. @crusty.. Easy with the America bashing.. We are not responsible for the likes of Newman… Don’t get me wrong, he is a cunt, but not because he’s American.

  18. Nooooo you get me wrong, i’m not saying he must be American to be a cunt, or that all cunts are American. I’d say China holds the title for “Most Amount of Cunts in a Country” award. We all know cunts come in lots of different shapes, sizes, colours and even smells. I just meant that in that post, he sounded like an American cunt.

  19. Wasting one glass of water don’t make you a cunt. It won’t change much in the big scheme of things.

    Wasting a glass, then going ‘Take that Africa, Hurr Durr’ makes you a cunt. Newman prolly thinks Africa is a country anyway. What a stupid cunt whoever posted that is…

    Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt…

    Oh and Cuntwaffle, my mum would rape you and leave you crying. Trust.

  20. Sounds like that person “dumped out” their ability to use language properly too. Just who on Earth says that? Seriously – dumped out?!?!

  21. “Dumped out” – To to throw out in disgust. To dispose of in anger after finding shit floating in your glass.

    If he’s said “poured out” you just wouldn’t have adequately understood the anger.

    CUNTcuntcuntCUNTcuntcuntCUNTcuntcuntCUNTcuntcuntCUNTcuntcuntCUNTcuntcuntCUNTcuntcuntCUNTcuntcuntCUNT CHOO CHOOOOOOOO. Say it and get faster and faster. Sounds like a train.

  22. I actually didn’t submit this. If I had I would admit it. I’ve had other posts on this site though, one of the Penn State ones a few weeks back

  23. Gonzo I’m well aware Africa is a continent you ignorant fuck, and yet again to everyone who thinks I submitted that, I don’t know what to tell you. I couldn’t even tell you the last time I drank a glass of water.

  24. So Newman, are you trying to say you didn’t submit that one?

    I mean, it sounded like you were claiming it, then you were saying all this stuff that sounded like you weren’t…

    You can’t have it both ways bro. It’s either yours or it ain’t. You gotta choo choo choose.

    Don’t they let you have glasses of water at Penn State? I’m worried about your renal health.

    You should try some. You’ll feel like a new man.

  25. I don’t care who submitted it. The water one was hilarious.
    On the other hand the Daneel one was stupid.

  26. ^Except the fact that the water one was not hilarious, because it sounds like a total self-indulged tool. And one that is not funny to boot.

  27. ^so you’re saying here that the thought of millions of weak and defenseless Africans dying because of disease contracted from non-potable water isn’t funny?
    That innocent children dying in gut-crippling agony as they lay in pools of their own vomit and shit isn’t just the most hilarious thing ever?
    Not even when I say it in a really fucking quippy, shit-eating way?

    Humour is haaaaard =/

  28. ^If they’re vomiting then surely they have food and are not starving? Sneaky Africans.

  29. George Carlin put it best:

    “Comedy is when YOU fall off a cliff and die.
    Tragedy is when I have a hangnail.”

  30. George Carlin put everything best.

  31. If you’re that concerned about the thirsty Africans, take them over some water.

  32. ewww. They have AIDS.

  33. @Ms You just converted me. It is funny as hell now. I hope I don’t die laughing.

  34. The Africa one wasn’t funny. It wasn’t even witty but wrong, even the people defending it are saying how the glass of water bears no relation to Africa.

  35. Maybe this is a reference to the song by the group Toto.

    I miss the tap water down in Africa.

  36. Some of you need to seriously chill… not worth getting so pissed at people you don’t know about Facebook statuses. Just saying.

  37. ^awesome

  38. #38. Internets. SERIOUS BUSINESS.

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