Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Butt What?

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  1. I buttdick the elderly all the time.

  2. Codename Dutchess

    The conversation she overheard must have started off with, “Shhh, just go with it.”

  3. Lol

  4. So…eh, I just don’t give a

  5. I buttdicked a girl named Danielle once..

  6. ^Did she even notice?

  7. hope not.. if she did, then those roofies fuckin suck

  8. I hate the term ‘Buttdial’… I prefer ‘Arsering’

  9. OMG! The first one was so funny, the second one was like totes faek, the third was so lame, how could she even make a rape joke on facey!? OMG YALL

  10. A typing error can not be epic. Wars are epic; that was not a war.

  11. ^language evolves. Do we all still speak olde english? No. Shit changes, asshole. You gotta try to stop crying and keep up.

  12. No. “Epic” was a poem about good stuff. Now, it’s a word brought about by some idolised moron who thought it would be a good idea to introduce an un-needed word. Fuck knows why.

    I like this one, “everything is epic now. epic car. epic haircut. epic movie. epic album. epic shut the fuck up.”

    But everything isn’t fucking epic, it’s just a way for preppy kids to stand out, until everyone else catches on. “Duuuuuuuuude that party was like sooooooo epic, did you see that chick? What an epic fail”. It’s a fucking joke and you are a delusioned old fucking gaping cunt of a person for thinking it’s simply the evolution of the English language.

    Take your warhammer figures and stick them up your arsehole.

  13. ^epic douchery

  14. 2 word response – When an individual can’t think of anything better.

  15. ^massively fucktarded epic douchery.

    happy, shithead?

  16. Would have been. but. i. hate. the. word. epic. itsusedbycunts

  17. ^epic. emphasis.

  18. lol@16. Why pause after every word then cram the last words together?

  19. Using epic is epic btw.

  20. Epic means telling a story, doesn’t mean huge or sweet. Or whatever that’s what the teacher said.

  21. Btw, I am open to but-dialing, arseling, anal rape NOW! Someone please come over…

  22. jerkspawn, your teacher was a lying whore.

    The correct definition, as published by urbandictionary is:
    Epic: the most overused word ever, next to fail. For even more asshole points, use them together to form “epic fail.”

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