Friday, April 13, 2012

Tip Top Type

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  1. John, if you didn’t want to miss those things, you shouldn’t have let people mine them. And what do you mean, you can’t “read or spell two well”? You spelled it just fine.

  2. a mined is a terrible thing to waist.


  4. T1000 sounds like he’s going to be ytmutation but with fakeness instead of black and white mutants

  5. Ytmutation is fake.

  6. gee wiz. for some reason reading those ones just made me fucking depressed. plus i’m confused, i don’t know whether to feel sorry for these people or hope for their swift death.
    fuck this.

  7. It is hard to see squiggly red lines

  8. SLG – when in doubt, choose death.

  9. Anyone else notice that Shawna spelled cum incense wrong? I kinda feel bad for the broad…who wants to be surrounded by folks that smell like spunk, let alone the whole house..

  10. Anyone else notice that CapnJaques comment wasn’t funny in the slightest?

  11. Aww, poor John. I think CapnJaques went to Johns school btw.

  12. Sometimes in the earliest of mornings, when i feel most horny , ill go to town on myself. It involves lube and a free hand to skip to the end of pornos. Anyway after I have finished I take a nap. Then i feel gross & dirty for the rest of the day anyone else feel this way ? I just want to feel normal after self-exploration

  13. I don’t see anything wrong with that TTF, I’d be more concerned if you started licking your fingers afterward.

  14. Capn – aint that the best part?

  15. ^not if you’re flamsie. you’d get all guinea pig juice & fur in your mouth.

  16. I thought guinea pig juice was like an Australian energy drink. It’s ok though cause here we drink red bull and I don’t even really know which part of the bull it is.

  17. ^ It’s bull sperm.

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