Monday, December 9, 2013

The Plus Side of Google Plus

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  1. If you keep thinking this is funny, it’s your own fault if you get raped.

  2. Actually I love this

  3. My favorite is the “sorry I’m late”

  4. My favourite part was the end. That was terrible, and if that’s google +. I’m not surprised no one uses it!

  5. Words….

  6. The Beast Among Us

    My turn.

  7. I miss the old YouTube commenting system.

  8. my best friend’s aunt makes 80 dollar an hour on the computer. She has been out of a job for 6 months but last month her income was 14926 dollar just working on the computer for a few hours. look at these guys.. …….


  9. WhAT The hEll arE you faGgOts talkiN ‘bOUT?

  10. This is fake, you can’t pull the sheep over MY ears!

  11. And GODDAMMIT Beatus!!

  12. as John said I cant believe that a student can make $8741 in four weeks on the internet. hop over to this web-site,… F­­B­3­9­.­ℭ­O­­Ⅿ

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