Thursday, October 25, 2012

Try Again…

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  1. Dora the Explorer was complaining about the Americans invading Peru and refusing to learn Spanish.

  2. If Dora doesn’t like it she should fuck off back to where she came from.

  3. I think Dora is trying to say that immigrants should be able to speak the national language, which I would agree with

  4. shiveredthetimbers

    Eric did not catch tooken. tooken is invalid, eric is invalid, noob for real. in addition, dora is talking to those three little insects that can never speak to her, just spanish or play instruments. she’s tired of not communicating with them, they know how to get there without the damn map

  5. She may be on to something, if she is American. We should all get acquainted with our tribal Native American language, according to our region.

  6. WTF is the second one supposed to mean?


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