Monday, August 31, 2009

Top Notch Love

Top Notch Love

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  1. What do you expect from someone named “TopNotch”.


  2. hahahaha!!! this made me lol

  3. Not sure what to think of this one.

  4. I thought “Topnotch” was a fake FB name but I’m horrified to learn that many people actually do have that name.

  5. TopNotch is a name that humans (or inhumanes, as the case may be) actually use for their children?
    I’m contemplating pushing someone off of a cliff.

  6. Maybe there really is an “Eric” and “Erik” is just being a smartass. But probably not.

  7. I’m gonna call my first kid BottomRung until it works its way up to a better name.

  8. bwahahahaha

  9. AAAAhahahahahahahahahahaha (cough cough)
    And my baby Bos has been away all day 🙂

  10. Eric is her other lover, she pulled a Jason Monster Fail and “Replied to all” if you know what I mean.

  11. the status update was “2 hours ago” and the comment was july 16th? someone fucked up.

  12. Erik has a much harder Scandinavian edge to it than Eric. If you want your kid to grow up to be a harmless accountant, or the least threatening blues guitarist in the world, then call him Eric. If, however, you want your child to raid villages up and down the coast, or to discover Greenland, then you should call him Erik.

  13. Agree with Stella… not following the timing.

  14. Must be a Facebook fail.

  15. This TopNotch name (if it is the given name) seems to be the extreme of parents naming their kids after personality traits they hope that their kids will grow up with, such as Hope, Faith, Charity etc.

  16. hahaha, a little bit of wee just came out.

  17. why must you always underline things?

  18. As one with the proper original spelling of Erik myself I can empathise.

    …right after I’ve burnt down TopNotch’s village of course.

  19. @Erin I remember when I thought “Unique” was a fake name.

    Good times.

  20. for those who are confused with the timing and date – this post would have been submitted to lamebook yesterday… however the original post on facebook was the 16th of July… 2 hours before Erik posted the comment 🙂

  21. twomummy'sdrinking

    That’s classic.

  22. Thanks Tez for clearing that up. Some of these people were looking a little too far into things.

  23. Facebook now gives the ‘user name’ option to users. So TopNotch is just a screen name.

  24. @Tez Since when do Facebook posts register their time and date as when you decided to submit it to lamebook?

  25. LOL FAIL

  26. Boz – what? obviously admin posted this on the 31st of August, however the ORIGINAL facebook status update was made on the 16th July, hey im not looking for no argument, i was reading this, some people were confused, i wasnt having a go at them i was simply clearing it up for them

  27. @Tez I was asking a question which would seem to follow logically from your explanation. You’re claiming that someone capped it on the 16th July and took more than a month to submit it or that the Admins take more than a month to post entries.


  28. Well obviously that’s what i’m “claiming” if i said it >> right??

    does it really matter what i said… you do realise i could go find something to submit here, i can go back a few months, facebook allows you to do that!!!

    i could submit something from, say, July 16th myself and submit it this afternoon.

    what kind of point are you trying to make, cause its rather annoying, you turned one comment of mine into what seems to me is a lecture. i dont have time for this shit mate.

    BASICALLY WHAT IM SAYING IS >>>> the original status was not made on the day it was posted by admin here, so there is no “fuckup”

  29. ohh look theres a fuckup to talk about… my post reads 1.17am when its actually 4.17pm where im sitting, want to lecture me on that one too??

  30. What the hell Tez? Boz was just trying to clarify what you were saying. From where i’m sitting it seems that no agessiveness was meant in his comments directed at you, then you get all defensive against Boz and start being a dick. “i don’t have time for this shit mate.” Seriously, if you want a bitch fight why not go find some guy on the street and call him a dick knob. That’ll do it for you.

  31. Well to be honest, i sensed sarcasm… ive been reading quite a few of this persons comments on random posts, maybe it wasnt intended, but thats what i saw… no aggressiveness no, just sarcastic to me.

    im not looking for a bitch fight, and i wouldnt call someone a dick knob, cause that sounds rather, lame!

  32. @Tez

    You’re getting bent out of shape in a lamebook comments thread.


  33. How embarrassing for her

    It doesn’t sound like the feelings are mutual

  34. Actually Facebook will not post the comment with a date and time if the original status is still so fresh that it has “2 hours ago”.

    If the status is only from 2 hours ago then the comment left by Erik would also have a time-stamp in that format, saying how long it has been since posting and not saying accurate time of posting.

    Eriks post can therefore not be real.

  35. @ Bright

    he has a vary good point i didn’t notice it before but it never puts it like that so it’s fake

  36. its very, not vary

  37. well Erik is the original spelling of the name.
    the name comes to the Old Norse via the Germanic ehre (honor) and the Proto-Germanic rik (king), hence “honorable king”. This was the name of twelve kings of Denmark, Sweden and Norway.


    Eternal ruler


    Honorable ruler
    so don’t know why this is even funny

  38. @ metalcraze
    I think the whole point of the post is that she spelled her BF’s name wrong

  39. People know that Facebook users sometimes use fake names, right?

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