Monday, August 31, 2009

Pimple Pension


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  1. Durrrt…

  2. $1 a squeeze? That’s cheap! Where do I sign up? Brett, apparently your sister’s and my fetish is not considered normal so I’m starting a support group if she’s interested.

  3. Weird family fetishes should stay in weird families.

  4. Umm why would you enable her fetishes, big brother?

  5. I bet he pops the ones on her ass for free.

  6. I’d hate to think how his face will look in several years.

  7. I’ve found a way to get out of the rat race!! Pimple popping to pay my debts

  8. wtf, you rock.

    So Brett–popping one on your face is only $1? There are some old guys down at the bus station who’ll pay a lot more.

  9. She loves to make white stuff shoot out of her brother…

  10. Thanks truff, you just killed my sex drive. No longer will I have the same gleeful look on my face when I run the train on several hookers I pick up on the street.

    Damn you.

  11. Facebook should make people fill out an application before they’re allowed to join. And fetish-enabling brothers should NOT be among those accepted.

  12. @jonas

    Just imagine that the hooker you are “popping your zit” all over is Brett’s sister!

    Problem solved!

  13. I’m thinking that this kid’s making a crapload of money off his sister. Pizza, anyone?

  14. Yeah, pretty sure that you shouldn’t be enabling this.

    It’s pretty nasty…. Popping your own pimples is one thing, but others? Sick!

  15. Anyone else hear banjo music?

    Also, that reads as if she is paying him.

  16. Thank f’ing god that I wasn’t eating at this moment. This is disgusting. You don’t put that shit on FB. WTH.

  17. that’s gross. so freaking gross. what kinda person posts this kind of stuff for the public to read?

  18. So…she gives him money so that she can pop his zits? That cannot be healthy.

  19. Aardvark, she IS!

  20. Maybe when she suggested “$1 a squeeze” she wasn’t talking about pimples at all.

  21. Oh god… Are their parents perhaps called Cletus and Brandine?

  22. I smell incest…

  23. Nasty mofos!!! AAARGGG!

  24. Whats even worst is all the sick fux here talking about incest! They actually like this shit! LAME PEOPLE LAAAMEE!

  25. People are seriously horrified over this? I don’t do pimples but I have loved squeezing my boyfriends’ blackheads in the past. I don’t think it makes it any weirder that it’s her brother. You people are tightly wound.

  26. MattP_SA – I do not share this fetish, but both of my parents do. Once I had a huge, nasty, sweat and heat induced pimple on my back and they argued over who got to pop it. Seriously.

  27. oh yes because thats the kind of thing you put on facebook

  28. I’m in the same boat as KBoogie’s boyfriend. Whenever I have a pimple or a blackhead, my girlfriend likes to pop them. Thus, the only thing I find disgusting about this is getting the sister to pay for it.

  29. … about to puke …

  30. The idea of building something up and then relieving the pressure is a hallmark of much human fun activity. I can understand where some brain wires got crossed and a bad connection was made.

  31. GULITY! i love popping pimples and ive been cursed with like 99.9% perfect skin :(. theres just sumthing so satisfying bout it.

  32. (It’s not really a pimple she’s squeezing for a $1)

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