Friday, April 13, 2012


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  1. wellplayed.gif

  2. Glee jokes are really getting annoying. Yes, everyone knows Glee is probably the gayest show on TV, but hardly anyone watches it anymore so who cares.

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  4. ^ Hey I’ll pass this along to Patrick. And it sounds simple enough for him!

  5. my bestfriends ex wifes sisters brother watches glee

  6. ^ Are you retarded? Seriously.

  7. Only crackers watch Glee.

  8. Hate to break it 2 you ChuCho but not only “crackers” watch Glee.

  9. He meant “mutants” anyway. (Yes, I’m still hoping yt will come back.)

  10. #8 I know, I was just trying to troll Evilcow.

    I hope yt comes back too. That shit was epic.

  11. I prefer the term special nycbunny

  12. Steffi called it

  13. Steffi was right on the money.

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