Friday, April 13, 2012

Look at Your Girlfriend

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  1. Real geeks don’t need to brag about their geekiness on FB. Girls do this all the time, “LOL I’M SUCH A DORK LOL.”

    Obviously they feel they have something to prove…

  2. Fuck off.

  3. ^ Amy

  4. This “geek” got Mark Hamill’s name wrong. Unimpressed.

  5. Dear Amy, you seem to be quite convinced that your geekiness makes you attractive to me, but I like my non-geek girlfriend much better. You might want to revisit that saying, to each their own.

  6. I don’t care if you’re a geek, what about your BOOBS?

  7. so did Mitch Hedburg.
    and I want him dead, too..
    possibly the most dead of all….

  8. ^ wow. You’re so powerful that you wished him dead like 7 years after he died.
    Though still trying to figure out why that even came up

  9. and now I like you.

  10. Amy is also ugly and fat as fuck. I’d rather have a good looking girl that some fat cunt whos got 6 chins, all coveed in cheese flavoured crisps, wearing dirty clothes and spends her life playing Xbox.

  11. She seems annoyed that she hasn’t got a boyfriend. Well lose some weight then, chunky, and meet some people other than on the internet you fucking loser.

  12. How do you guys even know she’s fat? She could be hot as hell? (I may or may not be Amy)

  13. She lost me at xbox REMOTES. They’re controllers. Even if someone had an xbox remote that’s just for movies, and you only need one.

    She sucks at trying to be a geek.

  14. This bitch is bossy. She’s making me look for a bunch of shit that I don’t even want. Why would I want loser convention tickets that turn into video game accessories? i’m not a gamer, but isn’t half the appeal of games an escape from the girlfriend (that most don’t have)? she probably ruins their quests of left for dead or whatever. because she playing mario.

    shut up

  15. What a fuckin’ nerd.

  16. Sounds like we’re all in agreement here, so I am changing the topic. I will pick one topic completely randomly from this hat. Vaginas. Use pictures when words just aren’t enough and also when they are.

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  18. Someoneoncesaid

    But I think the idea is kind of clever because the commercial is all about what men think women want, and this is about what girls think guys want. At any rate it made me laugh.

  19. there are reasons why geeks don’t get laid. they apply to male AND female geeks. this chick’s post shows why a female geek is just an unappealing to males as a male geek is to females.

  20. Calenthedestroyer

    < Ignorance.
    People have all sorts of preferences. Humans are attracted to all kinds of people. Geeks included.
    That might've been unappealing to you, but I found it clever. Quit stereotyping.

  21. agreement^

  22. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I’d like some hot piece of ass with a head full of candy floss, personally. I don’t need stimulating conversation; I have male friends for that. Unfortunately I’m overweight and have very little money, so will have to make do with my equally-overweight but very clever wife.

  23. ^Well I am hot shit and will make do with a supermodel scientist wife.

  24. I know a girl IRL who did the same copy pasta to FB. If you have to tell everyone about how nerdy/quirky/clever you are, I have much less cause to think you’re any of those things.

  25. In addition to the Hammel/Hamill and remotes/controllers, it’s “Left 4 Dead,” not “Left For Dead.” Like so many other things, if you have to tell me how nerdy you are, you probably aren’t… Especially if you manage to get a hat trick at being incorrect in your namedropping.

  26. Thanks, Amy, for making geeky women everywhere look like ignorant dickheads.

  27. So wait – let me get this straight? You mock people here if they are too dumb or smart? Wow tough cynical crowd. Fair play to her I say.

  28. Is #24 a joke?

    By the way, I’m such a geek that when you came in my mouth, I spat coins out. I don’t usually spit, but it seemed worth it this time. That’s how fucking awesome I am.

  29. Let’s not forget Old Spice did this joke , then beat this dead horse into hamburger. So not only was it not funny then its not funny now. And yeah, no one wants a sweaty fat dirt bag for a girlfriend either. By anythings possible I assume she means grow fat together.

  30. ^yeah, look -I’m not defending amy or anything (fuck no), but we all know how sad, alone and desperate you are flamsie.

    admit it – you’d crawl 2 miles over broken glass to lick the sweat from under a fat chick’s bingo-wings if you thought you’d get a sniff of vagina out of it.

  31. I rarely, if ever, use the term “LOL” because it sucks. But, Ms, I really did just LOL. Thanks.

  32. If i was that desperate , id be a rapist . But I can’t keep my dick hard when I hear crying. Some kind of repressed memory keeps me from that pleasure.

  33. she’s a dickhead for trying so hard to be a l33+ gamer and failing so hard, which is the only thing making this post even vaguely amusing. but i’m just curious – why does everyone think she’s fat? because she’s a gamer? do you have “supereyes” that could make out double-chins in the profile pic that i couldn’t see?
    it seems like everyone on here is keen to jump to the conclusion that people are fat. it’s kinda weird…

  34. ^nothing to do with the OBESITY EPIDEMIC, do ya think? 1 in 3 cunts is a fatty mcfat fat. so it’s sorta like shooting very fat fish in a barrel.

  35. I’d much rather watch The Dark Knight Rises than play Cockbox any say of the week. I’d much rather go out then stay in all damn day and night. I love video games as much as anyone else does but we all have to get out sometime.

  36. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Lol I love the response of #17 to #16

  37. Would a real geek actually say they’re “playing Mario”?

  38. randomthoughtsontheworld

    @ kaliza…unfortunately probably, my geeky husband got Mario and Link in 8 bit pixels tattooed on his arm

  39. I seriously hate these freaking “I’m so much better than everyone else because I’m such a geek/nerd/gamer/interested in science/etc.” people.

    Go die in a hole.

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