Thursday, April 12, 2012


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  1. Faker than fake.

  2. Very clever indeed. Not to mention that this is fake. T1000 has seen it a million times before.

  3. What do you mean by “fake”? Do you actually mean “copied”?
    Perhaps you should say what you mean.

  4. This joke, with a punchline is fake ? Right. So are unicorns

  5. Unicorns are not fake. T1000 has not seen them a million times before.

  6. T1000 is fake.

  7. He prefers the term prosthetic.

  8. Well now. A pun.

  9. She was the head of performance improvement section in the Athletics division.

  10. How come I never got fucking fired when I got meat ploughed by my P.E teacher?!

    Oh that’s right, you can’t fire pupils can you?


    Wow I can’t believe she got sacked! (this is a very clever pun based on the whole sacked / fired / American handball thingy where the throwy person gets jumped on)… You’re welcome.

  11. …I don’t understand your pun, lmamofo. Now I feel stupid.

  12. Thanks for explaining “sacked”, the explanation made it so much funnier. Much like adding a parsley garnish makes a bucket of shit tastier.

  13. I like parsley.

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  15. butterscotchcandy

    Oh no they’ve learned how to use boldface!

  16. Wow, KerrMarc, those numbers are so specific, it must be true!

  17. why is it always the ex-wife, the roommate, the cousin’s gynecologist’s mechanics’s prostitute’s sister-in-law?
    why is it never the spammer itself? WHY??

  18. legal liability issues

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