Monday, February 13, 2012

Houston, We Have a Problem

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  1. Its funny cause she’s dead.

  2. Another one to celebrate this black history month…………..

  3. Whatever Rebecca, you’re a girl. You claw, slap, kick, and pull hair. You don’t punch. Quit wishing you were a dude.

  4. Rebecca copied and pasted that from somewhere else, and the original writer of it was a dude.

    Rebecca’s comment isn’t the funny part, though.

  5. Meh. Too contrived.

  6. Mitch Hedberg jokes are funny. But only when he says them. And he’s dead.

  7. People of Facebook, stop randomly capitalising words!
    Jessica’s above comment makes it look as if Dwayne Johnson killed W.H.

  8. hey Bacchante, ‘sup wit you? All good? You weren’t here and beatus cried. He even had to have sex with his wife.
    You’re mean.

  9. I’m still crying, but it’s because of the way you punched me in the nose repeatedly during our little “threesome”. My nose still hurts, and causes my eyes to tear up. You could have at least untied my hands, though, so I could touch myself while I watched. But no, you had to keep me completely tied so I could do nothing.

    Actually, it was kind of exciting…

  10. I see that trending is still confused with lame, or funny.

  11. heh. ‘Fucking and Punching’; it just isn’t the same without the ‘fucking’ part.

  12. Hey MsAnne, all is good in my world, now that I’m back stateside and all recovered from excessive quantities of alcohol. The free grog at weddings is a blessing and a curse all rolled into one.

    Yeah, I’m a little bit sorry about the nose punching, beatus. But you looked so cute in that outfit on the sex swing, and I have no cock with which to dominate you, so I had to bring tears to your eyes another way…

  13. Dave = funny
    Rebecca = not so much.

  14. Ray, the Battalion Commander offered no sitrep as to J. Lo’s status.

  15. You know what they say, you can’t spell punch without donkey.

  16. Hahahaha! Both of these are fucking brilliant.

    No they aren’t. They both suck dick.

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