Thursday, April 12, 2012

Little Wins

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  1. Yes, Morley, how fucking amusing.

  2. Tom’s an idiot.

  3. These people are so stupid I bet all of them are Mexicans.

  4. ^Wasn’t that convenient that the Mexicans stepped up as public enemy number one when Communist Russia fell.

  5. Are you trying to defend Mexicans or some shit? What the hell man, you should be ashamed.

  6. What would some shit need defence against? Fans?
    Also I am not a man.
    Also I am not ashamed.
    That probably covers that.

  7. ^If by “Mexicans” you mean “North Americans” I am with you.

  8. Morley is for sure a common Mexican name. Now Evilcow is popular in many countries, especially India.

  9. Wow that was really racist Chucho. I can’t believe someone would say something like that in the 21st century. I’m no bledding heart liberal, but that was really disgusting.

  10. So is Nadine’s post a win because lamebook thinks it’s actually original and funny? Or is it because she managed to post it and not have 100 comments telling her how old that joke is?

  11. Nadine is a Mexican so she doesn’t even have 100 friends to make comments.

  12. Though she does have 150 close family members

  13. This is incredibly fake.

  14. this post doesn’t accept a thumbs down, eh?

  15. *Hoarders.

    Couldn’t help it.

  16. When does the funny start?

  17. MsBuzzkillington

    I liked Morley’s post. That one made me laugh.

  18. How is that amusing ? …. I actually don’t think their is someone out there who owns all the episodes . Who buys episodes of something that’s on 24/7 pretty much ? Anyway, lame.

  19. #1 it would be funnier if they were a boxed dvd set and were on top of a tower pile of boxes, newspapers and clothing, and the whole pile fell over and crushed the hoarder to death. Funnier.

    #2 I want to hunt Tom down, take him out behind the potting shed and fillet him like a fish. And then I shall micturate upon his tangled remains.

    #3 I’m not even going to discuss this tedious bitch.

  20. I hope some of you really are not this stupid. You know who you are.

  21. I ALSO hope some of you are not this stupid. Still, hope is a fragile thing and in this case being disappointed just means more people to make fun of.

  22. msanne, whilst i tend to agree with your views on these posts (although perhaps with a little less intensity), your homicidal tendencies have me more than a little alarmed. remind me not to turn my back on you. i would hate to be micturated upon.
    and sisqi, you’ve hit upon one of the great truths in life, from my point of view, in saying “being disappointed just means more people to make fun of”. bravo sir, bravo. you’re obviously not a complete idiot.
    unlike me.

  23. SLG – at first I was disconcerted to read what you wrote about me as it was quite hurtful to my reputation and stuff, but then I read on and it turns out that you are a self-admitted ‘complete idiot’.
    So i took your opinion and wiped my ass with it – I trust you don’t mind, because you’re a complete fucking idiot.
    or are you a liar instead?

  24. Hi MsAnneThrope, you are right it IS funny when hoarders are found dead buried under hundreds of old newspapers, envelopes and bits of string… In fact, there ought to be a point at which such a person is denied a burial and is simply left to decompose in their own pile of tat. Like a burial mound for the 21st century sociopath.

    The real skill is to be a hoarder and an agorophobe. That takes serious planning, simply to ensure that enough crap comes in to hoard.

  25. ^I think the skill is also reflected in the financial planning.

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  27. all good, msanne. a bit of both, i think. what, aren’t liars and idiots welcome here? fuck i thought i’d found a peer group but i guess i’ll just have to keep looking.

  28. jeses SLG. the lack of a welcoming committee has never stopped the liars and idiots before.
    why are you so fucking precious and special?

  29. well, you see, i too hope to one day feel welcome enough to be able to share the details of my latest oral sex escapades and how i was “really drunk” last night with the lamebook peeps. that’s the kind of shit i aspire to, and i feel that by sharing these details of what i get up to on a friday night, people will start feeling closer to me.
    once they start feeling warm and fuzzy, i’ll ambush them with my love.
    i know, i know, i’m a terrible person

  30. , and by ambush, you mean, violently rape while insulting their mother, right?

  31. ^oh god, i fucking hope so.
    i can’t see any other redemption for that crap.

  32. i find myself unexpectedly comfortable with your interpretation of things, capn

  33. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    SLG do you bring GHB to parties or are you still stuck in the roofies era?

  34. oh no…neither. my whole thing is DMT.

  35. ^which means he doesn’t get invited to any parties.

    because he’s really fucking boring.

  36. you’ve obviously never tried DMT! what with all your substance abuse…if it didn’t scare the absolute bejesus out of you, i reckon you’d fucking love it, msanne!
    do you even know what it is? makes acid seem like an aspirin.
    not something you wanna get too stuck into, that’s for sure. there are some theories that the pineal gland releases it in near-death situations.
    it’s fucking gnarly and the fact that you don’t know that is merely another demonstration of your ignorance.

  37. another demonstration of your idiocy.
    i would never take any sort of advice from a half-wit like you.

    holy crap. the very idea.`

  38. Every time you use italics, it makes you seem like a bigger vain bitch.

  39. ^ i really agree, sydni! msanne sure does have a love of those italics. maybe she’s got a wog boyfriend.
    when she italicises things, i imagine her squinting bitchily at the computer screen, breathing out a combination of semen, gin, and bong smoke all over it, thereby misting it up until she can interpret anything she reads, any way she likes. then she sits back laughing as she hits ‘submit’ and her double chin wobbles and she forgets she’s holding the bong still and it spills all over her crotch, putting yet another stain on that tattered old pair of trakkie dacks.

  40. cute you two found each other.

    dull and simple
    simple and dull.

    g0d that’s fucking depressing. you should fuck off somewhere else and blog about it. somewhere far away from me.
    <- look syndilou! italics. big, frightening italics.

  41. it’s quite a match up ain’t it msanne! we make a hella cute couple i reckon!!
    maybe i will write a blog msanne! i’ll call it, the 10,000 reasons msanne is an egocentric cunt.

  42. it really does seem to be all you can talk about.
    great job, chief.

  43. aww no i can write about other things too msanne! it’s just my fave topic at the moment.
    don’t be depressed msanne. just indulge in some more “recreational substances” to celebrate the slaughter of a whole bunch of aussies on a beach in turkey.
    good times.

  44. oh dear. dead soldiers always upset me terribly.

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