Monday, September 17, 2012


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  1. Shoshana is planning on hibernating through the nuclear winter? Interesting survival tactic.

  2. how fat do you have to be to need a fucking volcano as an excuse to eat chocolate?

  3. maybe she plans to just block the crater with her gunt?

  4. Pssht, I swear films have ruined me. I can only picture the blonde Jewish chick from Inglourious Basterds when I hear the name Shoshana.

  5. ^ And now I have Cat People by David Bowie in my head. Thanks

  6. I live in Europe, zero (cero, null) fucks given.

  7. omg, you guys are pathetic, it was a joke. And funny. Maybe you’re all just thick as fuck. It’s sad that trollers like yourselves find it necessary to call people fat because they write something like this. Now, how do you think she’s fat? Her pics blurred out you knobs.

  8. ^ Did you like your own comment?

  9. @7 Please channel jeano because melissa is boring as fuck.

  10. oh just fucking relax, melissa.

    “we don’t hate her because she’s fat.
    she’s fat because we hate her.” OK?

    so you should really just calm the fuck down.

  11. melissa sounds fat.

  12. and ginger.

  13. Fat whore.

  14. shut up asshole. slut-shaming is not cool.

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