Monday, June 8, 2015

Kaitlyn’s Conundrum

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  1. If that was the case; with the amount of bellies steeeeeveeeerrrrs filled he’d have 3 baseball teams! 1st!!!

  2. “….3 baseball teams worth of semen in his belly too!”

    This is what Steeever meant to write. Why is he always referring to himself in the 3rd person anyways?

  3. This wouldn’t be a question if A) You had an education B) You weren’t a fucking kid!

  4. Must be from Arkansas. Stvr’s not pregnant, so you must Not be able to swallow enough to get pregnant. Not for not trying though. Good job for the efforts to stvr and the dumb chick.

  5. No problem! If swallowing semen might make you pregnant then just swallow a bit of your own blood and call that your period!

  6. The Beast Among Us

    When Kaitlyn actually WANTS to have a baby is when the real fun will begin…


  7. necrophiliac64258

    Love girls like these. Cheaper than hookers and still aren’t missed when you put them down.

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