Wednesday, February 18, 2015


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  1. The Beast Among Us

    *Macaroni. Seriously?

    I’ll bet the granola bars have more sugars than the fruit snacks. Deceitful little things.

  2. Fake.

    Just like your mothers boobs.

  3. upto I looked at the receipt for $7844 , I accept that…my… father in law was realie taking home money part time at there computar. . there dads buddy started doing this for under 9 months and recently repaid the depts on there condo and got a great Fiat Multipla . try this out


  4. My tits are real. They know each other reel gud.

  5. “Karma” is a coping mechanism for people who can’t handle the unfairness of reality.

  6. Fruit snacks and granola bars. Both are 1) snacks, 2) individually portioned, and 3) typically come in similar sized & shaped boxes.

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