Monday, October 5, 2009

Kasonia is on ya


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  1. @ dundunDUN October 6th, 2009 at 11:47 am

    Has anyone bothered to look up ‘Kasonia’ on facebook?


    Yeah, she’s effin ugly!

  2. @ dundunDUN

    Reminds me of my favorite line from Home Alone: “Buzz, you’re girlfriend. Woof!”

  3. I like the new format.

    That is all.

  4. I hate women that think they look hot if they take a “faux topless pic”. Whether they are topless or not, naked shoulders up does not equal the sexiest angle in the history of photography.

    I think that award goes to…. spread eagle. 🙂

  5. @ mcowles – Some women do look hot in “faux topless pics”. But I get the impression Kasonia couldn’t look hot in mid-August in hell whilst wearing a fleece.

  6. Dude, just so you know, Jen wasn’t spamming. She was trying to be funny. isn’t a real website.

  7. If we’re gonna suddenly start cracking down on spammers, can we take the adnoxious guy out first?

  8. @ dundunDUN,

    I’m sending you a cleaning bill. I just threw up all over my keyboard.

  9. Hey, Mr. Haiku?
    I think I’m in love with you.
    Want to get it on?

  10. Just looked this girl up on book of face cause a post further up mentions it…and lookin at her face? Mastering the English Language is LOOOOWWWWW on her list of priorities. Getting a Lip wax would be job one, and a face transplant wouldn’t go amiss either.

  11. Interchangable
    You name is Haiku friendly
    Yes. Let’s get it on.

    I shall make you moan,
    Five, seven, five, yes, yes, YES!
    Simple ecstacy.

  12. By the fuck!!

    I know this thread’s getting old, but I need to know what happened! Are Mr Haiku and Interchangeable going to get married and have a sonnet or two?

    *sigh* – the first Lamebook wedding. Divine!

  13. My God, black people are so stupid.

  14. flash_in_the_ pan

    @admin–How is it even remotely OK for people to make racist comments and not have their comments removed from the section?

    @Chunder-Dummy. He’s probably her actual cousin hence the term cuzzo. Might want to take a look at your own gene pool before you start talking about other people? IDK, just a suggestion.

    @Johnny Cash first of all you should probably look up the word devolve and see what it really means instead of being a dolt (add that to your vocabulary jack-a$$)

  15. Okay, muwawawa…. that is a horrible, racist comment. It’s a stupid status that the girl wrote, yes, but have you seen other posts on here too? There are plenty of stupid white people too.

  16. Wtf is a bugaboo.

  17. @Confused Dude

    I think you get confused because you don’t read things, lol.. see #16.

    Now, run along bug-a-boo… you weren’t all that anyway! lols.. 😉

  18. I actually think someone just makes these up. There cannot be this many retarded people in the world.

  19. Also,

    This is why blacks are considered the lesser race.

  20. and that’s why Andy should be fisted in jail

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