Friday, August 9, 2013

Keep It Classy

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  1. Let’s hope they just found out at the gas station, and did not get pregnant there too.

  2. That is probably the same trash can where they will find the aborted fetus.

  3. I bet she can’t wait to tell her kinfolk the exciting news!

  4. Better that she find out in a gas station then to just not find out. It was probably a teenager and she was too afraid to do it at home.

  5. … you know that stick pregnancy tests aren’t valid after a certain amount of time, right?

  6. ^ What does that even mean?

    Past the first trimester?
    Past the product’s expiry date?
    After x number of hours sitting in the gas station bin?

    When does it cease being “valid”?

  7. Did she buy the pregnancy test with her customer loyalty points?

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