Thursday, April 28, 2011

Keepin’ It Current

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  1. Poor taste

  2. I’m sorry, but the Diana joke isn’t funny at all. I know sometimes people make jokes about dead people. I will admit, I’ve laughed at a few. But I can’t find anything funny about her death or how she won’t be there for these special moments of her sons’ lives.

  3. its been nearly 14 years. i think it’s pretty safe to say that it can now be funny. or are jesus jokes still too soon?

  4. I agree with bradles… People can joke about Michael Jackson 5 minutes after he’s dead, but can’t joke about Diana when she died in ’97? I say if you can’t take the joke: Grow up. We’re animals… We die. That’s life’s ultimate joke.

  5. Poor taste is lamecock trying to get me to install their app constantly. If I have one more seizure from the pop up, I might sue.

    As for the Diana joke, it’s been 14 years. And Jesus jokes are ok since he’s a fictional character.

  6. Jesus probably existed, although all the garbage written about him was probably made up. I expect I will have a cult following 2000 years later as well…

  7. Perhaps melissaeileen objects to the joke being about a dead mother not being at her first born’s wedding? Or about a kid who won’t get to share his wedding with his mom? Which is, come on, pretty sad. I’m sure she’s not saying you can never joke about her at all, but this context is pretty fucked up.

  8. I think it’s awesome that Lamebook is now offering the ability to view their website on an iPhone app for only $1.19 because I have been so dissatisfied with the other option of viewing their website on the iPhone browser Safari for free.

  9. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Yup speaking from experience it’s very traumatic to not have a parent at a major life event. You get on with your life and you’re fine for a long time and then BAM! Something important happens where your parent would normally be there, and it’s like losing them all over again. It’s not the time that passed which matters, it’s just the timing is very insensitive. But jokes are often insensitive anyway.

  10. Innerseting names we got in that top post there. I’m thinking Taurus might be having a we birthday celebration sometime soon? Just a guess…

  11. Hmmm. Typo fail on a word that wasn’t even intended to be written correctly to begin with. Well done me.

  12. I know exactly what you mean, @ifitwerentformyhorse

  13. More like Donald DUMP.. Right guys!!

  14. @lametothemin – That’s exactly what I meant. Like I said, I laugh at jokes about dead people. And like you said, in this context I don’t find it funny.

  15. hootie the blowfish

    I agree, the Diana joke is wrong not because she’s dead, but because she’s dead and it’s her son’s wedding.

  16. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    The joke is wrong, because Diana won’t be at the wedding, mainly because she’s dead as a dodo. Besides there isn’t enough sambuka in the world to provide a shot to everyone for each minute Diana is late, since that is infinite.

    Let me end with a joke : Diana had dandruff

  17. @hootie the blowfish

    So….it’s totally cool to joke about a dead person who has kids, but if the kids are about to get married then NO WAY! I mean, totally not a big deal if the kids only loose a parent and have to grow up alone. As long as they are not getting married! Cause obviously that is the most important day of anyones life. Not a huge job promotion or buying a first home or anything. Getting Married is. Thanks for clearing that up.

  18. hootie the blowfish

    I don’t think I said any of that.

    I don’t think there’s ever a time where making a joke about a mother’s death keeping her from a big moment in her child’s life would be funny. It’s not limited to a wedding, and nothing I said implied that.

  19. hootie the blowfish

    That was a pretty absurd overreaction to what I said, really.

  20. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    @19 I agree, let’s all calm down. Respect dear dead Diana and make jokes about Japanese Glow-in-the-dark tsunami victims.

  21. Reading all the comments, I feel like an insensitive bitch, but I lol’d at the Diana joke.

  22. comparethemeerkat

    I really laughed out loud at the Diana joke. That guy is awesome for writing it. She’s been dead for years. Who cares!? Life’s too short to complain when people make a joke you don’t like. Just take the moral high ground on your massive horse and believe that you are better than the people that are laughing.

  23. comparethemeerkat

    Because 99% of the time, the people that are laughing, will destroy you in an argument.

    And by ‘you’, I mean anyone, anyone who is thinking ‘what a disgusting joke’, not a specific person who has replied.

  24. The Late Lady Di would have loved that joke. Man I am so wasted on sambuka right now…

  25. Really though, if you’re looking for tasteful jokes, WTF are you doing on lamebook?

  26. Wow people are getting all worked up over a Diana joke? I’ve seen much worse on here and no one bats an eyelid!

  27. thickasawhaleommlette

    It could have been a mistake, or a bit thick and he could have meant Kate (as in being late to the church). If he meant Diana then all you Diana disciples need to hunt him down and string him up by his family jewels….maybe in a tunnel?

  28. stoma, fuck you for making me laugh at the dandruff thing. Primarily because I’ve always found “dandruff” to be a hilarious word. Go ahead–say it over and over again and see if you don’t laugh.

    comparethemeerkat, life is, presumably then, also too short to complain about someone complaining about a joke they don’t like, no? So you’re gonna want to STFU now to save those seconds of your life.

  29. I don’t know really, I found that Dianna joke funny but… it is her son’s wedding so place and time? lol

  30. I loved Diana growing up as a kid…she was one of my role models…when she passed we were all devastated over here….but I can’t help but still laugh and smh…..I mean, it’s been long enough to laugh a little, right?

  31. You people need to get over yourselves. Diana’s kids aren’t reading Lamebook ffs.

  32. ifitwerentformyhorse

    I don’t think anybody’s offended personally or anything, some of us just don’t find the Diana joke funny. If other people are cool with it that’s fine, though it’s def not the type of joke you’d make to someone’s face. (Again speaking from personal experience of people making jokes about one of my parents being dead to my face. Ah memories.) But obviously the royals have better things to do than read this shit. Important things like losing more hair.

  33. update: hours after it was on lamebook this royal wedding drinking game got deleted

  34. Uhhh false, it’s still there…

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