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Kenneth Crushes

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  1. Spuffdaddy, We believe that the old testament was delivered by a god that could not forgive even the simplest of sins. Therefore to “save” us he sent his only son to perish for those sins. As far as Cassandra being “right”…..please. She is a fanatical Christian that forgot what Christ taught. Jesus Christ taught tolerance and love. He didn’t surround himself with rich people, he kept company with liars, beggars, theives, and whores. As for your last comment, well, you just made yourself look completely infantile and ignorant, no need for me to respond.

  2. yeah yeah, sure Spuffdaddy. The occupier’s economic model is terrible. What we currently have is *awesome* and NO ONE should do anything about wanting to change it. Life is just fucking marvelous, the system is totes fair and going swimmingly well.
    And you’re *not* an obnoxious, sanctimonious prick.

    I think I got it all?

  3. Hahahahaha. Msannethrope just admitted she’s a smelly ass brain dead hippie.

  4. yeah. I’m a fucking text-book hippy. If you’re a fucking moron…oh, wait

  5. Alright I’ll be a moron if that makes you a hippie. Hippies are way worse.

  6. that is clearly something a moron would say.

  7. Alright pothead

  8. and ‘shrooms! and acid.
    I’m off to have some unshaved, uninhibited sex that reeks of patchouli, you stay here and lick the windows clean.

  9. LOL. No one believes that you could possibly have sex. Nice try, but I think you would be the only person here that might be dumb enough to fall for that.

  10. Tribalstang, I got you all wrong. Sorry. Seen too much venom hiding behind religion recently.

    Ms Anne, perhaps I was wrong again. What is their economic model?

  11. tribalstang Since you are Gods’ messenger representing all Christians here on Lamebook, could I push you for a quick apology for the last two thousand years worth of kiddy fiddling etc perpetrated by your spiritual leaders?

  12. The “religion causes pain and suffering!” argument is probably THE worst argument against religion ever, and that’s picking from some pretty stupid ones

  13. I can’t decide who I hate most in this thread, so I’m just going to walk away.

  14. why would anyone hate me?

  15. ^because they met you.

  16. Screamin Demon

    Gotta love these people who think that Jeebus’ dying for their sins renders the Old Testament obsolete. Um, no.

    Psalm 19:7 – “The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple.”

    So, in the OT, the law was perfect, but in the NT, not so much? Uh-uh. If you’re a Bible-believing Christian, you are required to believe that every word of the Bible is the revealed truth from the mouth of God. In other words, you own it: every inconvenient prohibition and every single contradiction (the Bible is riddled with them), no matter what book or what testament. There is no disclaimer at the beginning of the NT that says, “Never mind the Old Testament, it’s all bullshit anyway.”

  17. 65. Ms Anne, pretty funny, but i’m still waiting on that economic model, you smelly hippy you.

    Screamin Demon, nice work, but you’ve delved too far into the book of fairy tales. Come back and channel that mind towards useful pursuits.
    Cassandra is a dick. If there were no religion, she would still be spewing hate filled nonsense into the world.

  18. Do your own googling, spuffy. thanks for that pic you sent me of you playing. i posted it on my blog.

  19. #66 actually, Jesus did refute many of the old testament laws, even disobeying them himself. He taught that it is most important to obey the spirit of the law rather than the strange, individual rules set up for the Jewish people.

  20. @tribalstag Atheists are smarter than other people. They don’t believe stupid sheite because they are afraid of death.

  21. ^lol that was sarcasm right?

  22. Like I’ve said to you before, the last time you got a decent trolling going was on your first attempt (the breastfeeding thread). But if you think your Whitney bit (amongst others) was a trolling triumph, then there isn’t a lot I can say. You’re deluded, to boot.

  23. @66…

    unless you actually live, eat, dress and worship exactly as commanded in the OT – you are full of crap.

    Lets skip right through the nonsense: You’re full of crap.

  24. Feral Musings seriously? has it never occurred to you that anyone who thinks they are having a ‘serious’ debate about religion – on bloody lamebook – is full of crap by definition?
    you are skating on some pretty fucking thin ice there yourself, pal.

  25. When did I ever claim I was not full of crap?

  26. So, Jesus was walking along and some guys came along and one started to bully him, they yelled “hey Jesus, walk the plank” and Jesus being the nice guy that he was, was like, “ok, sweet” He not only picked up one plank, but a second, in reaction to this the bully was thinking “ok showoff, I asked you to walk the plank, not two planks”. Jesus continued walking and suddenly ran into this guy with a beard. The bearded guy runs up to Jesus with an excited look on his face and yells “hey Jesus! My name is Noah. I’m building this sweet ship and those planks would work perfectly, you think you could be a pal and bring those over? There is a major tsunami coming and we need to put a mad rush on this ship. All these animals will not leave me alone”. Just then, Moses pops out of a bush and yells “fuck that! I have to walk in this desert for a while, there better not be a tsunami on the way”. Amidst all this commotion, Godzilla and a couple t-rex were having a major battle. Mothra was flying into shit and causing a huge mess. So, Jesus, Moses, and Noah skip over to the ship and they all attach the final two planks and the ship is done. High fives ensue and Jesus puts on his jet pack and starts to fly away. At the last minute, he turns and with a twinkle in his eye he says “see you guys next time”.

  27. ^ So that’s New Testament, yeah?

  28. #72, i don’t know, I’d say getting this thread to 78 comments is a fair achievement.

  29. ^if you think it’s an ‘achievement’ (no less!) to get a lot of whiny bitches out boring the internets with their bizarre bronze-age belief in bullshit, then you need professional help.

    I don’t think there has ever been a thread on that stupid fucking religion rubbish yet that has gotten such a fucking low comment count as this pile of shit.

    And ya know what else about religion threads? No poster – EVER – has managed to win any ‘debate’.

  30. Fine then. The next post on religion I won’t comment and you’ll see how few people post. Then you’ll be sorry! Ungrateful bitch.

  31. So you think it’s you who got the comments to this point? Just as I said, you’re deluded. But hey, if you want to take responsibility for a thread that made my eyes glaze over with boredom, then be my guest.

  32. I will. I didn’t say it was my best work, but it was my work.

  33. Nope. It was OP’s.

  34. As a Christian, we don’t live by the old testament. We live by the new testament. We teach loving and forgiveness. Not killing ppl because they don’t live by the laws of God. Get your facts right before you pass judgement. Btw you’re not supposed to do that as well. So we get to throw stones at you too. Remember Jesus loves you no matter what. He forgives you. Luke 17:4

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