Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Winnin’

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  1. Fake, Fake, and Fake

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    T1000 is apparently now obsolete if everyone can do its job.

  3. he was always obsolete.
    shitty one act-wonder trolls have been getting all up in my shit since way before he imagined he was a character in a shitty 80s cult classic.

  4. Does anyone remember the old Lamebook, when things were funny?

  5. Wastey the Walrus

    Yeah guinness, before I used to laugh my socks off.. nowadays it’s a miracle if the posts lure out a smile.
    I think there’s not much retarded shit we haven’t seen, so either we’ve gotten a bit numb to it all, or people are plain retarded and not in that funny way.

  6. I’m thinking a bit of both. But yes, I fear that the retards are multiplying too fast and they will probably de-evolve (devolve?) further. So the question is, why do we keep looking on this site? In some faint hope of a rare laugh-out-loud post to start/end the day?

  7. I hate you all.

  8. Yes, Guinness. It’s been spoilt a bit by all the 12-year-old posters trying to be quirky. As Thrope said “one-act wonder trolls”

  9. christopherlovet

    “dad brought me mcdonalds’ has over 30 likes.

    She must be one hot high schooler.

  10. over 30 people like that the dad brought mcdonalds? that must be the hottest chick in the world

  11. confused

  12. @9, it’s this fucking stupid ‘straight-edge’ trend. poor bastards obviously have no clue about what is fun anymore.

  13. Ah fuck, what’s wrong with me then? I smiled at the kitten one AND the “no McDonalds for you” one. Maybe my standards have dropped.

  14. 2 of 3 made my mouth twitch, it was like a smile.

  15. No these actually sucked. Suroor was the last great thing on this site.

  16. ^ i checked up on him recently. he’s still as funny as ever with his ridiculous biceps!

  17. The third one reminds me of the last time my dad made me eat his quarter pounder with cheese…

    Happy days.

  18. …something something something…mother’s fillet o fish…

  19. And a nice McFlurry for afters

  20. Many of you are demented, sick, depraved and completely lacking any type of moral fiber whatsoever. I thank you for that.

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