Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good Thing…

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  1. *Fisting

  2. Dakota is easy

  3. some of the when i don’t there is but then this was the for and among the not that oh?

  4. ^finally. someone with some sense.

  5. You know what’s interesting is that even though that maroon is probably typing like that on purpose….that’s exactly what happens when you take too much ambien…the shit fries your brain and you don’t even realize it…learned that the hard way…

  6. Tell me more about these maroons. Can you smell purple too?

  7. oh cool dude, you abused ambien. SO FUCKING BADASS, BY THE WAY CAPS LOCKS REFERS TO MY SARCASM.

  8. Caps lock = sarcasm now? However will I show my rage now?

  9. 🙂 <-

  10. If life was a game it’d be something wank like Trivial Pursuits… You go at it for fucking ages until you’re stuffed full of weird coloured cheese.

  11. #7 yeah dickface, that’s totally what happened…now go back to licking windows! maroon=moron>ttf, that aside Bacch, napalm, I smell..napalm 😀

  12. another spelling mistake makes it to lamebook. awsome!

  13. @tr_willk….

    Was that intentional?

  14. *tr_willk face psalms

  15. *nails face proverbs

    Maroon is funnier than moron; on account of Bugs Bunny used to say that. And Bugs Bunny is funnier than most humans… especially flamer up there.

  16. It’s forgivable when you misspell a word, especially just with double letters like that, but when you don’t even realize it when someone points it out to you, there’s a problem.

  17. Can’t tell for sure, but I reckon she’s doing the ‘duckface’ in her profile photo.

  18. I’ve no doubt Dickcoater will be able to trade off her looks forever…

  19. this really reminds me of something i saw posted on real FB just recently. the chick was a model. not a big brain on her, just a whole lot of vanity and attitude.
    but she’s fuckin hot, so that makes it alright, right?

  20. ^translation; I have fbook fwiends who are models. Honest.

  21. oh god no. can’t stand them. no, i have FB friends that are photographers. photographers take photos of…amongst other things…models.

  22. but in any case, my point was – she acted like a vacuous, conceited bitch.
    but everyone just pandered to it.
    it was fucking horrible.

  23. ^That happens

  24. ^if you’re a pussy.

  25. i tried changing the subject in that “thread” and take the piss out of her a bit…but all of her friends came to her rescue and i was drowned out by a chorus of vacuous sluts with too high opinions of themselves.
    it really was fucking horrible.
    has anyone got a tissue?

  26. ^sounds like a typical weekend around here to me. grow a fucking pair.

  27. @SLG, how about a sock, instead?

  28. why on earth would you only give me one sock, beatus? i have two feet!
    you lamebookians make no sense

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