Friday, September 21, 2012

This Tattoo Shall Fail

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  1. “I minimized the quote the best I could.” Good save Stephanie.

  2. According to Darwin, it will all be over for Stephanie in 4.2 months.

  3. It would have been better to minimize it to “2”, instead of “to”. Now it just looks stupid… (And of course I didn’t believe the minimizing crap).

  4. No, Stephanie, unless you take action and have it removed, it shall not pass.

  5. How about “This’ll also pass.” That’d have saved even more space.

  6. Stupid whore.

  7. I can’t be mad actually. Chicks dumb enough to think even fucked up tattoos are “hot” make sure I never have to develop a personality or be able to hold down a job

  8. #1. yeah. sure todd. I’m sure your g0d will be all over that shit.

  9. Um yeeah. Anne?.. he put “good” just uh.. letting you know, you know?

  10. i really should smoke less.

  11. I don’t know what Quest 18 is but Quest 19 should be getting that fixed. Maybe instead of trying to shimmy the extra ‘o’ in there she could make an auto correct box.

  12. I like tattoos of the kind that end up on lamebook, they allow me to confidently judge a book by its cover.

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