Friday, September 21, 2012


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  1. “I learned it from watching you!”

  2. Welcome to last week’s funny.

  3. Gotta clean those balls really good, you know? Keep ’em minty fresh for the ladies.

  4. Well, they always say it’s smart to wear a cup.

  5. Two balls one cup.

  6. What they didn’t say is the son is actually 30 years old

  7. Noone thinks its pretty fucking gross to not use disposable cups?

  8. no, no one thinks that… do you need a reassurance hug now?

  9. Is that what your cooky uncle Carl used to call what followed the basement modeling videos you used to make with him? I would feel bad but insubordinate little runts like you need a good plugging to keep you in line.

  10. ^huh. get you.

  11. long winded way to make a molestation joke.. but yeah sure uncle Carl was cool.. you’d know about that because you’ve either got one of your own or you invested in one of our ‘videos’ for your collection.

    You couldn’t ‘plug’ an s bend with a box of toilet paper let alone someone’s arse

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