Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It’s a Fap!

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  1. Fefe! The vaginal lint monster!

  2. Always use a sock!

  3. Why in the world would a woman have a sock in her vagina in the first place?

  4. I guess I’d have to ask Cassie…

  5. Ugh. One good reason my mom is dead…she would’ve totally wanted to be my fb friend.

  6. What’s written on the sock?

  7. “In case of broken condom, please use sock instead.” This would totally esplain why lucy…I mean Cassy lost a sock in her cum slot.

  8. completely unrelated to this post (which did make me chuckle)… snorgtees has really given up on being subtle, rather than having a cute but sexy girl wearing their t-shirt now they have a moderately doable girl with her pants unzipped and her panties showing.

  9. Patty is my main bitch. I demonstrate what fapping consists of.

  10. faponyourmom, pics or it didn’t happen!

  11. Patricia. “I’m 60 years old and I don’t know shit. I COMMAND you to explain your silly youth culture.”

    old bitch.

  12. Oh Granny knows.. She’s playing coy.

  13. fucking great picture

  14. Fuck rage comics. They are ugly and moronic like yt.

  15. @MsAnneThrope. Command? She said “please” which is considered polite. You think please means command? What backward world do you live in? No wonder kids these days are disrespectful, ungrateful lil shitheads. You stupid fuckin cunt.

  16. ^eat shit, retard.
    Sure she said please first, but then she demanded an explanation whilst sounding exactly like a pompous ass – a bit like you, in fact, crazydude.

  17. crazydude, in polite society, the phrase “Please explain” is not normally succeeded by an explamation mark. When it is, it becomes a command or a rebuke. You stupid fuckin cunt.

    And the reason why kids these days are disrespectful, ungrateful lil shitheads is because they’ve been raised by morons who think that saying “please” masks the underlying cuntishness.

  18. *exclamation. Heh.

    Fuckin’ IE. Sometimes you just need some Chrome spellcheck.

  19. So the old tart is exclaiming. You got problem?

  20. yeah, i got a problem. She’s an unhip old cow.

  21. Does anyone else get the feeling that Ms. and Bacchante is the same person? Why is it whenever someone is attacking Ms, there Bacchante comes to the rescue?

  22. Does anyone else get the feeling that sababe and Miss Marple is the same person? Why is it whenever someone is being a snoopy, boring old hag, I just tune out?

  23. hahahaha i almost feel bad for crazydude. Mrsbeatus…REALLY?!

  24. I get lonely.

  25. Mrs you most welcome to come suck my syrupy dick.

  26. Not that lonely.

  27. Msannie darling, stop creating lamebook accounts to make it appear that people like you.My imaginary friend from when i was six years old thinks you are so pathethic for having to do that.

  28. wow, so great to see the giant c*nthole msannethrope stoop to such great levels

    the bullshit that comes out of that name is one reason I dont come here very often. that and the fact that its not that funny

  29. LOVE the avatar! That’s funny as hell!

  30. #28, feel free to fuck off entirely, you sad retard. Fuckwits like you who steal Arrested Development jokes are the lowest of the low.

  31. oh my dear, sababe. Feel free to lick my taint until it sparkles in the sun, instead of just following around after me, bitching like a beaten chihuahua.

  32. Oh, MsAnne. Visions of your slobbery taint have once again made me choke on my food. I need to stop eating and operating the internets. Still, good times.

  33. Obviosuly MsAnne and Bacchante aren’t the same person. Bacchante’s witty, MsAnne’s a raging psychopath (the good version).

    And Lady Catherine sounds almost exactly like Deesingedbitch.

  34. If sababe and analrapist don’t stop squealing in the backseat, I’m gonna turn this dodge minivan around and then there will be no Disneyland for ANYONE!@!

  35. Is Deesingedbitch someone that also can’t eat and read at the same time? Because it seems to be a recurring problem of mine.

  36. No, LadyCatherine, the major recurring problem here is kneejerk reaction.

    Mostly because people are so mean to me and they bully me terribly, they do.

  37. You’re all fucking stupid, there’s a fresh perspective for ya.

  38. We are?
    Oh, sorry about that. Thanks for being a doll and pointing it out. We’ll clean our acts up now, and not be fucking stupid anymore (except Flames. and sababe.).
    Sorry to have inconvenienced you, Fran!

  39. ^ You must really feel flattered that i am “following” you, last i checked, this was…not…so just get over yourself Msanne/Mrsbeatus/Bacchante, whatever you prefer.

  40. ^upset. online.

  41. sababe, you don’t understand time zones, do you? Poor little precious.

    Whatever your thoughts on my “coming to the rescue” of MsAnne (fuckin’ “pfft” to that comment, by the way), the simple truth is that morons piss me off. If I happen to post derisive or inflammatory remarks at around the same time as MsAnne, it’s because we’re from the same country and often Lamebooking within a few hours of each other.

    Jesus Christ, you’re even thicker than I originally gave you credit for. And that’s saying something.

  42. you’re so kind to these people. with all the explaining shit and stuff. like a fucking saint, you are.

  43. I pride myself on being kind to animals. And people of mental deficience.

  44. Ok blah blah blah…stop denying it…if that is your excuse…why not jump in for other people also? I don’t recall mentioning times etc…jsut goes to show…

  45. ^Hmmm…let’s see how long your pride lasts when faced with mëntäl dëfïcïëncë of this magnitude, Bacchante.

  46. sababe, all of my previous posts are on here. If you’re that intrigued by what I post, go and have a read. I have no more patience for your idiocy, you pathetic excuse of a female.

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