Friday, September 21, 2012

Not My Type

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  1. I just hand banged myslef. I lopved it.

  2. Anah looks really close to Anal. Perhaps that’s how she was conceived.

  3. Criminal layers make good money, although I have no idea how many more prisons there are to be built?

  4. I’ve always wanted to lay a criminal. They’re so dirty…

  5. Excuse my question mark…

  6. Non-profit criminal layers do it for free! But no hand bangs.

    I just thought of another meaning of “head banger”…

  7. Wasn’t Mike Tyson one of those at one time?

  8. what the fuck does ‘winning improves your wardrobe’ even fucking mean?

    that success will enable you to waste even more money on some retarded ‘fashion’ bullshit – that will make you blush with abject shame in ten years time – but will ultimately always be a reminder that you can decorate your body with the product of some miserable 3rd world wage slave, but you can never decorate the echoing chasm that is your fucking soul?

    i fucking hate people so much.

  9. Maybe she won clothes at bingo…

  10. #8, I think it means when you win, some people cone in and repaint your wardrobe.

  11. you ‘merkins are crazy.

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