Thursday, September 20, 2012


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  1. 10 nails, 9 boards, 6 harnesses, 9 bricks. That’s gonna be the shittiest horse stable ever.

  2. it’s fucking farmville. they’re all the shittest horse stables ever.
    I’m ashamed to my soul that I even know what any of this means.

  3. so wait, did tracie go off Facebook for a year, and then she got a jeep, or are the two unfunny posts unrelated?

  4. oh fuck

  5. I’m overjoyed that trace sprung for the hot rod tractor. Glad to see she isn’t cheap with imaginary money. She’s gonna be the envy of all her other worthless gash posse.

  6. Doesn’t Chrysler put their owner’s manuals on DVD now?

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