Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Knock Knock

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  1. Knock knock.

    Who’s there?


  2. I wouldn’t even answer the door for you Toastman….

  3. So Jade’s husband is also her dad? Oh the humanity

  4. He knew that nobody would ever be good enough for her, except for him. So he married his own daughter. This actually shows how bad Jehovas Witnesses are. Obviously their religion is ok with incest.


  5. Where exactly did the incest come in in this post? The witness was a family friend I thought….

  6. because we’ve got some reliable sources here in the comments section

  7. Because the only people who tell knock knock jokes are child molesters and lord knows everyone loves the smell of their own brand so….
    She’s fucking her daddy

  8. Fake. A Jehova’s Witness that tells jokes and has friends?

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  10. Fucking bastards, all of you.

  11. #8, when I pronounce your name, it sounds like ‘there’s a rapist’ with accent…I like it…unless you intended it to be some thesaurus/therapist/dinosaur combonation…then you can fuck off and leave me disappointed..

  12. ^hmm i thought it was pronounced ‘the sore rapist 13f’

  13. It’s all in how you play with the phonetics. I piddled around a bit and came up with thes-au-rapist. Pronouncing it as thess rather than thus, au as ah, instead of including the ‘r’ as oar, and then rapist. Thess-ah-ray-pist. Much like two different pronunciations of thesaurus. Thuh-soar-us / Thess-or-us. Poh-tay-toh/Puh-tah-toe man! Nevermind pronunciation, though. Without changing the letters it can be broken down as thes-au-rapist, thes-aur-apist, the-saur-apist, ect. 😀

  14. that was kennyrageous off u

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