Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The True Meaning of Christmas…

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  1. So puns are the meaning of Christmas? What a load of bull.

  2. Jeez! Get to the fucking point! What did she get herself?


  3. Jenna-talia

    That is all

  4. ^ A nine year-old. Seems appropriate.

  5. If she said it how did she know she spelled it like that?

  6. Even if this were real, which it clearly is not, it still wouldn’t be funny. How fucking pathetic do you have to be that you have to make this shit up, submit it to a random site, and sit around praying that people find it funny? OP, there is not a single reason you can give that would justify your existence.

  7. Since when has anything on this site been deemed appropriate?

  8. ^
    Wow, harsh! Calm down, step away from the ledge. It isn’t that big of a deal. Maybe this post is real, and maybe it isn’t- but even if it’s the creation of some lonely, basement-dwelling psychopath, trying to gain some kind of like-based acceptance, it gives you no right to sit behind your computer (and perhaps even more pathetically) condemn this unknown person’s existence. Quite frankly, I fail to understand what has made you so angry.

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  10. Like a young 9 or, like a ‘she eats a lot of milk products so she got her boobs early’ 9? Which is a real thing, by the way.

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