Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Playing Games…

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  2. You might as well blame rock and roll, dancing, and comic books too, if you’re looking for inaccurate scapegoats.

  3. That’s as stupid as saying that typing your name in caps and really long causes people to thumb down your comment. Pfffft…


  4. Challenge accepted. Catapulting a bird is slang for fucking it right?

  5. Haha, I’d like to c u try killing a pig with a bird, I’ve tried killing it with a 9mm its tough buddy!!

  6. If Alfred Hitchcock has taught me anything it’s that when birds form together in angry mobs they can pretty much kill whatever the f#$k they want.

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  8. Online war games show boys with incompletely developed frontal lobes to that taunting people and blasting them to bits creates a dopamine rush which is pleasurable. It is basic classical conditioning.
    Of course there will be people in the bell curve of humanity who fall into the “highly suggestible” range, co-morbid with certain personality disorders, who will be prone to committing real acts of violence once a certain saturation has been reached.
    With a 2% chance for bpd and antisocial personality disorder combined(ignoring other forms of personality disorder that fail to recognize others as autonomous beings with valid feelings) if we allow a 1% chance of comorbid suggestive personality (the low number is due to the fact that this disorder is still under investigation)and apply it to the 21651 14-24 year old males as of 2011 census, we end up with 4.33 individuals most likely to commit such crimes each year.
    Go figure.

  9. ^ Does that same dopamine rush happen during outside games of cops and robbers, or cowboys and indians? Or even paintball?

  10. Yes, but in situations where actual human contact is involved, individuals learn there are consequences to extremely antisocial behavior, such as being ostracized by peers or even punished by authorities if the behavior is considered antisocial enough.
    Online games can only reward acting like a complete psychopath, because there are no true penalties.

  11. Suck my penis is what you should do.

  12. I agree. You should suck Noobsauce’s penis, anonyone.

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