Monday, May 3, 2010

Love is Forever?

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  1. You know what, if you’re rubbing your relationship in everybody else’s facebook then you deserve what you get. because that’s what it is. Who cares about how much you love your partner or want to be in their arms besides you, them, and people listening to your speech at their wedding? It’s just boasting, going ‘oh, look at me, I’m in a relationship and it’s awesome. Also here’s pictures of us fucking.’

    My amazing beautiful fiancee agrees too.


  2. *listening to a speech at your wedding. If you’re even managing to worm the ‘dating the most amazing guy, i’m soooo happy’ shit into somebody else’s wedding speech, you don’t even deserve to have a mouth. Or a keyboard. Or however else you get your clingy rubbish into the public eye.

  3. @WTG feel free to smack me and talk dirty, as long as “choke me, spank me, pull my hair” is in your bedroom vocab.
    And wolverine is the shit, chopped sabes head off after a brutal fight. Was epic, though I gotta admit sabretooth was my favourite villain of all time, lol. One psycho motherfucker.

    ’nuff said

  4. sabretooth47, that’s funny, but I feel for your wife.

  5. Knucklepopper

    Alen, I actually visited your shit website, took one look and never will again. Go the fuck away.

  6. Oh Paul….

  7. Chewbacca shagger

    Well they say that the way to get over a girl is to get your leg over the next one.

  8. I would love to hear the whole story of Amanda and Paul. They both sound like a couple of douches.

  9. Who's That Girl?

    @nuff – So now you’re a guitar playing, hair pulling, Marvel fan. Where the hell have you been all my life? And yes, I am a girl who likes Marvel Comics. I get a lot of heat for that. My inner dork is showing…

  10. Q: Who’s That Girl?
    A: Mine mofo.

    Tell me about it, I’ve always been a jock all my life, hockey being the best sport ever, but my close friends would always rag on me about collecting comics. I guess you could call it my closet hobby, that and fantasy adventure. I try to balance the best of both worlds. I guess if I wanted to pick on a dork I could give swirlies to myself so I fit in a bit better? Lol maybe that would work if I were a schizo.

  11. Who's That Girl?

    HOCKEY! C-A-P-S CAPS CAPS CAPS! Rock the Red baby!

    Okay, I know that chant is a little sad, since we just lost game 7 in the playoffs when we should have KICKED ASS! But oh well, there’s always next season.

    ’nuff, if I weren’t married, with two kids, I might have a little cyber crush on you…*blushes*

  12. Pffft, the caps didn’t just lose, they shit the bed! Nucks all the way baby! Luuuuuuongooooooo!!! Ok, that’s funny, my phone has that memorized just after typing Lu. Gonna spank Chicago, then San Jose (don’t see Detroit making it much farther after those last two outings), and then, in some wierd world, the Hans will make it to the finals and everything will be right in the world of hockey. Two Canadian teams fighting for Lord Stanley.

  13. Habs* (I hate you sometimes autocorrect)

  14. Who's That Girl?

    Uh Oh ’nuff. You insult my home team! I normally don’t get much more involved after the playoffs if the Caps are out, but I now feel obligated to turn on the Nucks game and root against your arrogant Canadian hockey mentality. Game on! Go Chicago!

  15. Ugh if I ever spoke like Paul, especially on facebook, it would be a hidden plea for my friends to slaughter me without remorse. Anyone who broadcasts their depdendence on someone else like that nauseates me.

  16. Semin is all over the ice, and not scoring! Ovie bit the big one and underperformed. It’s a two-way game hot shot. They were not playing like they should have, and Halak was playing as though he were possessed by Patrick Roy. If you want to ignore the facts and go at it, just bring it babe, I got time up until we hoist the cup in Vancouver.

  17. Who's That Girl?

    Hey – all true in regards to the playoffs. You don’t think Caps fans faced a huge disappointment? But show a little respect for one of the top performing teams in the NHL this year!

    And seriously Hawks – can you get any closer to the net without making a goddamn goal???

  18. Hey, I’m all about respect. Washington has a solid team and ovie is the most explosive player in the NHL, but seeing how he played in the playoffs and olympics is a big let-down. Semin is one of my favourite players as well, next to others like Matt Duchene and Dany Heatley. Now, if you think what I said about your team was harsh in any way, the nucks are absolutely THRASHED when they underperform. I’m pretty confident that we are some of the most rabid hockey fans out there.

  19. Who's That Girl?

    Noooooooo, not the Olympics! I effing HATE Crosby! And don’t forget Mike Green – he’s my man. I just like Semin for his name. Yeah, I said it, I’m a girl, and I love Semin (so cliche, but what the hell).

  20. Who's That Girl?


  21. I had no idea hockey could get so erotic.

  22. Who's That Girl?

    Definitely can’t hate on Luongo…damn

  23. Who's That Girl?

    HeSaidWhat – you obvioulsy don’t own a hockey stick…

  24. Who's That Girl?

    Uh oh, Hawks lead – where you at now ’nuff!?!?

  25. Who's That Girl?

    Done! Game Over! That’s all folks. See ya Wednesday.

  26. I don’t think it would help me to much.

  27. I have been at work this whole time… I’m heartbroken WTG, you just HAD to cheer for the hawks, didn’t you? But don’t you worry, my prediction was to win in 5. It wouldn’t have been much of a series if we just swept them, now would it? So, now that you’ve spited me with your antics, it’s time to come on over and cheer for my team. I’ll make it worth your while 😉

  28. Who's That Girl?

    It helped my husband, that’s how he got me. Married a hockey player.

  29. Who's That Girl?

    I don’t know ’nuff – you got ’till Wednesday to get back on my good side 😉

    Right now, I’m off to bed. I have work in the morning. Enjoy the rest of your evening.

  30. Nuff, I’ll be your wingman anytime, but I’m a Chicago boy through and through. The Hawks have got some blood and they’re not going to stop until the canucks are dead.

  31. OMG, Paul is a friend of mine. Actually, there are way more statuses than this. More with his ex girlfriend posing too. She has a tattoo of his name on her chest, so they will both have to live with it forever. This so amuses me because I wanted to put it on here, but never had the time or patience to copy and paste it all.

  32. I’m sure he can change it to say “salamander” or something.

  33. Who's That Girl?

    If cemetarygates is a Pantera referrence – I love it!

  34. FYI – the sabretooth is in reference to the Buffalo Sabres mascot, not the villian…although considering my Sabres sh*t the bed with the hottest goalie on the planet, maybe I shouldn’t admit it… 🙁

  35. FAKE. It progresses the wrong way!

  36. Def not fake. Its real.

  37. why does it go that way? usually the most recent is up top not the bottom

  38. It had to be pieced together, b/c there were way more than just these, so I guess SailorRaechel decided to just put them in order when she posted it.

  39. Makes more sense now hehehe thanks

  40. SailorRaechel

    @miss.sarah91 I actually posted everything like it was on the wall and deleted the irrelevant stuff. Lamebook changed it so the most recent is on the bottom.

  41. Ah, yeah, I saw that there was a bunch of other stuff that Paul had on his page. Also stuff that Amanda had posted.

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