Friday, March 5, 2010

Kooky Characters

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  1. WhooHoo!

  2. Abby, Gabrielle and Majeed all got hit with the stupid stick.

    And Gabrielle really you have to like your own status …lame

  3. No, we don’t fight wars, but we’re not a fricking thrift store! Yeah, the thrift store is a part of The Salvation Army, and yeah, it benefits those in need, but seriously? We’re just like a church. Only we help people as well.

  4. Post like these hurt my head!

  5. i was prepared to be on Gabrielle’s side until she liked her own status.

    Majeed’s is a repost.

  6. Apparently Majeed is trying to do a Bollywood version of Groundhog Day. I’m looking forward to rapey song and dance production.

  7. I was excited to see that Lamebook had a new post. Then I saw that Lamebook blurred out the word “fuck.” Really, guys? You think the content on this site is fine for kids to read without the F word in it? I started reading Lamebook instead of FML because at least Lamebook had the courage to post whatever they wanted. But now it seems as if you guys have lost the balls to be inappropriate. Good job.

    And also to the people in these posts, learn some damn English for God’s sake.

  8. Dorothy Zbornak

    Prego roll? Is that some kind of dice game?

  9. losing the will to live…

  10. The first one is a quote from “that 70s show”. Kelso said it to Jackie. Not lamebook material.

  11. The fifth one was on here before…

  12. You Got Doddified

    They blurred out a commonly used swear but left in a socially unacceptable bit of racism [for most of us]

    Right on terb99. Inappropriateness FTW.

  13. dietpillpyramidscheme

    @BlameGame, at least Taylor isn’t stupid, even if he doesn’t understand the full extent of what the Salvos do.

    There is a documentary about an Australian homeless/drug shelter, called Oasis. – All run by the Salvation Army. Really good doco, that.

  14. Yeah, what the fuck Lamebook? Why blur out swear words? I’m losing interest here. This site is becoming lame.

  15. I can’t understand what the hell Gabrielle is trying to say (thank god).

  16. I’m pretty sure that the prego roll is some kind of sexual position.

  17. The thing I like about Majeed’s is that even after apparently being raped by a woman, the advice is for him to step back and see if he still wants to date her. Because, you know, even though she violated you, at least you know she puts out…don’t want to give up on that so easily.

  18. why on earth are you censoring swear words?
    … and yet a baby covered in its own faeces is perfectly acceptable to plaster on the front page.

  19. No one is an angle!

  20. I shake my head in shame as the third one uses Cradle of Filth titles in that manner… shame, shame, shame…

  21. Fonk, what the fuck does that even mean?

  22. WTF are Majeed and his friends trying to say?! I need a translator for that shit!

  23. Gabrielle…WTF

  24. The Salvation Army does fight in a war. The war against high prices.

  25. I must echo squarevideo’s comment. The Salvation Army thing is a That 70s Show quote, totally not worth being on lamebook.

  26. @sensible madness that was classic , it gave me a good laugh 🙂
    If she puts out it’s better to keep her on the side for those lonely nights!

  27. I need to correct Taylor. The Salvation Army does in fact fight a war against “the gay”.

  28. Lamebook posts the exact same status (Majeed’s) twice in two completely different posts.

    Lamebook’s Frodo.

  29. I could have sworn they’ve already posted Majeed’s status before.

  30. Lamebook + Majeed’s Status (x2)= Super Lamebook.

  31. Number 3 is actually a very, very poor mash up of quotes from Cradle of Filth songs. UK black metal.

  32. @MissMetal

    Cradle of Filth are the biggest sell-outs of black metal, why would you bring them up?

  33. While it’s good to know the origin of #3, FatherNorth is right. Motherfuck Cradle of Filth.

  34. Running out of new post then, Lamebook? Lame. So very lame.

  35. This is stupid. Other than liking her own status, Gabrielle didn’t do anything that lame. Is being a grammar nazi on a casual social network really that fulfilling? Read some Windrush generation poetry and you’ll see that there’s a world beyond YOUR English. Christ.

  36. @uncommonlygood

    Are you serious? It’s not just the grammar…it’s the fact that she wrote a facebook status about how she wants to beat up a pregnant woman. Duh.

  37. I found Gabrielle’s post shockingly easy to read and comprehend. I don’t know if it’s her, or if I’ve spent too much time on lamebook trying to decode stuff like this and now it’s starting to get easier… Majeed and his friends are another story though… Anyway I’d like to be Gabrielle’s friend. She seems entertaining.

  38. caffeinatedaspirin

    whoever submitted the first one is a fucking idiot.

    That’s a quote by Michael Kelso from That 70’s Show.
    Unless the hilarious part is that the responder didn’t know that. In which case, carry on.

  39. @chowko, your comment amused me.

    For those whining about the censorship, welcome to how the United States does it (yes I am aware not everyone is from the US, but I’m going to assume the site creators are). Gory or gross images generally aren’t meant with too much fuss, but dear god if you use a swear word it’s like the end of the world.

  40. Actually, what is funny, is that on the first one, which I posted, the girl later went on and said something along the lines of “Ohhh I didnt know that! I thought it was cute when Kelso said it and didnt know why everyone laughed!”

    It was quite ridiculously dumb.

  41. dazedandconfused

    @ chowko.. awesome. You made me choke on my drink.. just so you know.

    And Gabrielle..really??? She wants to beat up a pregnant girl? That’s messed up, man…

  42. lol

  43. “…but yet she steady bumpin dem lips”


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