Friday, March 5, 2010

A Day of Dads

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  1. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Maybe I shouldn’t have rushed to get the accolades associated with winning, but what the fuck is up with the Alex Baldwin comment?

  2. Roy is awesome. That’s absolutely the correct way to handle it when your daughter puts up a retarded photo like that.

  3. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Roy expects there to be skid marks on new underwear? Where the fuck are you buying your underwear Roy? Japanese vending machines perchance?
    I was like “unusual, no legs”

  4. I don’t get the Alex Baldwin thing..

  5. I don’t think the one looking for the adopted parent is lame at all (minus the typos / apparent ESL). I have no idea why that would be posted here.

  6. Well Roy , you got yourself a full on win there, congratulations.

    The invitation for the award ceremony will follow by mail.

  7. I like Roy – the others are just all a bit, well, rubbish.
    I also have to have a minor rant about people who use ‘lol’ all the time. I don’t mind it occasionally, but some people just add it to everything they type in FB or on text messages and it really annoys me! I curse the person who came up with that, along with ROFL, LMAO and all the other stupid, annoying things that people stick at the end of every sentence.


  8. He is comparing his father to Alex Baldwin.

  9. Dorothy Zbornak

    Alec Baldwin got a lot of flak when he left a message on his then 13(?) year old daughter’s cell phone, calling her names like “disgusting little pig” and so on. Mark must have had a doozy of a message.

    @Sensible Madness: I agree. And you are wonderful.

  10. @DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Look! A floating ass!

  11. It is Alec Baldwin, not Alex. That’s probably why no one gets it.

  12. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    -gingivitis- Totally, it smacks of some kind of nervous sociopathic twitch when people are attempting to evoke pathos in their peers with some cry for help or just god old friendship but then ‘lol’ at the end of it. It creeps me the fuck out, lol.

  13. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Floating ass rules, does away with all the superfluous female body parts, ya dig?
    But who is who in the whole Sarah, Shiela and Thomas triangle? I get the feeling she is trawling the entire facebook website searching every Thomas until she stumbles across the real deal, there has to be an easier way. Over 40 year olds seldom use facebook for social purposes in my experience.
    P.s. can you make the word facebook not be a typo or spelling mistake on the spellcheck on this site Lamebook admin? Broken red underlines bake my noodle.

  14. michelle – nice bum

  15. mickeys comment actually got a laugh out of me… as did roys, obviously. one thing though. in that pic, the arm on the right…is someone getting ready to slap her in an awkward fashion, or is it just some random bodypoppin’ goin down?

  16. I don’t get the Thomas one at all.
    The person seems to be Thomas, but is calling himself Sheila, and is writing to “Sara” and asking her if she’s a Dad??

    Or am I missing something?

  17. @katiewatie

    That one really has me confused as well.

  18. Ok so what’s the story on the first one? Someone started some shit with someone? It is funny how he tells facebook that he’s leaving his girlfriend/wife before she’s even awake though.

  19. mike_hawkins_cider

    Jesus Christ, lamebook. Must be a real boring day if this is what you have to offer up. These are neither funny nor lame. They’re just plain boring and stupid. You’re better than that.

  20. GO ROY

  21. I laughed at Roy’s.

  22. I think the only thing lamer than some of the things Lamebook posts is when people complain and/or rate their ‘disappointment’ in Lamebook for lack of lameness. These people win at life, gah, I aspire to be like ’em.

  23. i agree waggage

  24. At least the kid signed it with love.

  25. Roy is my hero. Michelle is a stupid skank.

  26. whoa chill Mike.

  27. @DivineMonkeyTrigger

    The site admins can’t do anything about the spell-checking because it’s a browser thing, not a site-specific thing. If the red wavy lines are really bothering you, you could perhaps go without spell-checking? I don’t think Internet Explorer has it, but then I haven’t used Internet Explorer for a very long time so the newest version might.

  28. The only thing I’m really interested in after reading this post is WTF did Alec Baldwin actually do? Someone commented saying he left a nasty message on his daughter’s account, and I went to the Ever Knowing Wikipedia to find out more information but all it says is that he left an angry message, not necessarily on his daughter’s phone though.

    From the information provided, that doesn’t really make sense. Why would he be angry at her? I am so confused.

  29. Yeah, he got sloppy drunk and left an incredibly hateful voicemail on his young daughter’s voicemail, calling her an ungrateful brat and a pig, IIRC. It was pretty abusive.

  30. Alec Baldwin was not sloppy drunk when he left the message. He was on the set of “30 Rock” and was waiting for a call from his daughter. He and his wife are divorced and apparently the mother, Kim Basinger, was using the daughter as a pawn and not letting her contact her father. Alec got upset and called her a little pig and a few other names; very horrible, but I think both parents went about their divorce and custody battle very selfishly. He has since apologized profusely, even going so far as wanted to quit “30 Rock” because he didn’t want his scandal to affect the show. I just get so disgusted by any couple who uses their children as weapons in a divorce.

  31. @Jazz I prefer using swords over children when settling a dispute such as a divorce. Fights to the death are far more effective that way.

  32. So much explanations on the Alec Baldwin one, which I was already familiar with, but would someone please explain the Sara/Thomas one? My brain just refuses to comprehend it.

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