Thursday, July 9, 2009

Krazy-Ass Kali

Krazy-Ass Kali

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  1. This is super sad 🙁

  2. …is wondering when you’ll learn to take a hint…

  3. Fatal Attraction much?

  4. I cant believe she gave up the opportunity to see Seussical

    Meghan is a blatant philistine and Kali is better off without imvho

  5. wait – they’re roomates? And this is how they communicate? On fb? while ignoring each other?

  6. I think I used to date Kali.

  7. Hahaha Seussical, that made me lawl.

  8. I love how she can publicly look desperate through all these comments/status updates(?), but she can’t just say what she wants Meghan to know.

  9. ratcoon, it’s a wall-to-wall, not status updates.

  10. Hannah… this is super sad? Is it?

    All this does is show just how foreign face-to-face communication has become thanks to the likes of facebook. seriously. it’s so amusing how this is the way that Kali tries, or tried if she took the hint, to amend the relationship. Super-efficient, super-effective. This is the way of the 21st century teenager.

  11. I think its sad how bitch Meghan lets it go on and on, doesn’t give an explanation, and doesn’t defriend the girl either. She keeps her on facebook and gets an ego trip out of having the girl desperately try to find out why she is being cruel.

  12. I don’t know whats sad, the fact that there are so many posts, or that she is possibly still trying this very minute

  13. Kali isn’t crazy, this Meghan is a huge bitch and should just get over herself and be honest with her ex-friend. I say it’s sad. Kali probably just wants some closure, one way or the other, but all she gets is silence, and THAT is what is sad.

    Still doesn’t make Kali right, but this is over the course of 8 months. So it’s not like she’s posting every few minutes or something that’s actually crazy.

  14. Meghan is a fucking bitch.

  15. I’m not sure if I can blame Meghan too much. Yeah it’s mean to ignore someone but Kali’s so desperate that it’s kind of creepy.

  16. It really isn’t creepy. It’s once a month that she tries to get in touch. It’s Wall-To-Wall so Meghan’s page fills up fast.

    Kali seems like a good friend. She should clip Meghan from her life.

  17. Yeah this is pretty sad actually. She just misses her friend. Aside from the fact that they are 21st century teenagers communicating in all the impersonal ways teenagers do these days, its still sad. Lamebook needs better moderation I think, especially with posts like that kid whos cat died. I think this falls more in that category.

  18. I think Charlie should grow a pair.

  19. Actually, I think the case here would be that the friend blocked Kali when they fought, and thought that was that. Really bad way to end a relationship really. And to think, how sad is that that Meghan might be oblivious by her friends effort to get back in touch. Facebook can help get people connected, yes. But when it becomes the only source of communication (no phone number, address to mail, or even e-mail addresses) because of the stupid blocking feature (which should be reserved only for stalkers and parents) it becomes a real problem because it keeps the other end from receiving a message.
    Or Meghan is one big *****

  20. Charlie needs to be put in the hall of shame. Your comments are ridiculous…

  21. “Kali isn’t crazy, this Meghan is a huge bitch and should just get over herself and be honest with her ex-friend. I say it’s sad. Kali probably just wants some closure, one way or the other, but all she gets is silence, and THAT is what is sad.”

    agreed. I know what it’s like to have friends completely stop talking to you with no explanation, and it sucks. 🙁 this isn’t lame, doesn’t belong here

    “Charlie needs to be put in the hall of shame. Your comments are ridiculous…”

    shut the hell up

  22. hilarious, great find

  23. Bitches be bitches.

  24. charlie youre a huge pussy shutup

  25. well this is just kind of sad, i feel bad for the girl. some girls are just really mean.

    Meghan: Oh yeah, sorry, what’s up? I was just tweezing my pubes. Sorry it took so long. My phone was up my ass. I actually could have called you because my head was there, too, but I figured you’d be OK for another couple months without hearing from me. I mean, we were just best friends, right? What’s a couple months of being cut off from your best friend without hearing the whisper of a fart from them? Well, I’m gonna go clean my colon, it’s really been giving me fits. I’ll probably talk to you in about a year and a half.

    Love, Meghan

    P.S. Could you be a dear and take out the trash? Thanks, it’s starting to stink.

  27. wow. get a fuckin clue.

  28. You are all retarded none of you know kali or megan… none of you know if she deserves to get ignored or not. Maybe megan doesn’t want to hang out with a fat friend or maybe kali fucked megans boyfriend

  29. how desperate can someone get!!!!!!!

  30. It’s getting kind of annoying that people need to fight over the emotional circumstances of a Lamebook post.

  31. @Sarah.


  32. i would punch MEGAN in fucking face, i dont care whoever is pleading is at least trying.. you and your big fucking ego, i call this an ego trip and she’s shitty friend.

  33. @Jeremy

    Because being fat is just as bad as screwing your best friend’s boyfriend.

    Stay classy.

  34. Anyone think that megan ignoring her might be for the best? She probably should have deleted her as a friend but not everyone is that smart.

    Anyway, this convo may have spanned over months but what would have happened if megan responded to one or two of the posts?

    M: My phone broke
    S: OK then I’ll just keep txting you as well as e-mailing, calling, messaging, iming, and several other forms of communication to make sure you got my message that I miss you and that I want to be friends and that I’ve saved all your hair that I found in my house b/c it smells like you!@!!!@@

  35. After 8 months of unwanted and unanswered Facebook messages, texts, and phone calls, I’d feel pretty safe in calling Kali my “crazy stalker roommate.” She doesn’t want to be friends with you, probably because you don’t LISTEN, so get over it. If Kali was Meghan’s ex-boyfriend, we’d all be siding with Meghan right now.

  36. Stage 5 clinger.

  37. l.o.l. meghan died somewhere back by dec3rd. kali is still talking to herself around june… slow learner.

  38. Maybe Megan died.

  39. “miss you roomy!”

    So, they’re roommates and haven’t spoken or seen each other in 8 months?

  40. Hmm. I don’t believe in taking that kind of thing as a ‘hint’. Esp if this meghan was anything like a mate of mine who doesnt respond for months then catches up and we have a grand time. I think if you have a problem with someone and want them to leave you alone you should have the freaking guts to SAY something. Just my two cents.

  41. @40 – totally agree.

  42. Hello? Clue? Anyone got a clue? Hello?….

  43. All this social networking online is making people unaware of social cues that they should be getting. We’re going to be seeing more and more of this kind of thing as the information age goes on. People aren’t seeing the facial movements and other non-verbal cues of “She’s just not that into you” that we take for granted. We’re seeing an increase in asperger’s syndrome, too, no small coincidence.

  44. I feel bad for Kali 🙁

    She probably did something horrific but Meghan should just delete her off FB if she’s ignoring her. That’s lame in itself.

  45. Poor Kali… If meghan could just end it in an nice way?

  46. Christ on a cracker

    Wow them lesbians are persistent as fuck!

  47. ahahahahahaha
    i know her

  48. @ sem Exactly what the hell does an increase in cases of Asperger’s Syndrome have to do with social networking sites and some people’s extreme inability to take a hint? Asperger’s is a form of PDD, not social retarded-ness.

  49. @Christ on a cracker: that’s hilarious. I was thinking the same thing.

  50. I actually feel quite empathetic towards Kali; I’ve been on the receiving end of silence from somebody I believed was my friend, and it’s horrible. There’s no way of fixing it without coming across as desperate.

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