Monday, May 4, 2009

Lacy’s Major: Asian Studies


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  1. Little known fact…most univ’s only let asians in the libraries. no blacks or whites.

  2. Why is that?

  3. re: caderday
    This looks like a troll. I can tell by the stupidity of the statements and by having seen many trolls in my time.

  4. @ pedrobear

    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH right over your head

  5. @lolol

  6. ALL of them?! Holy shit, that’s a gigantic fuckin’ library!

  7. I was just at the Wal-Mart making friends with the white people.

  8. “lost all my literate asian friends after they saw my facebook 🙁 txt me”

  9. i was just in the welfare line making friends with all of the blacks and mexicans.

  10. @Hater – WIN! hahahahahahaha

  11. LOL…it’s too awesome not to laugh.

  12. Lucy, I’m impressed. I’ve never had much success befriending Asians. 🙁

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