Monday, June 15, 2009

Lame For Life!

Lame For Life

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  1. why is this one lame?

  2. i thought it was lame cause not many dudes take photos of themselves and photoshop BFF stuff over it … then post it online.

  3. thanks kevin.

  4. This is Tucker Max’s album, isn’t it?

  5. guy on the right doesn’t seem too pumped about being the other’s bff.

  6. It’s also lame because of the double hats the right boy is wearing

  7. “Mud tunnel drivers for life!”

  8. LoL @ the Tucker Max comment

  9. hilarious to actually go to University of Texas and see this picture. nice work boys. I probably know you.

  10. This is more of a girl thing to do.

  11. God, lamebook is getting really lame (and out of good material).

  12. The guys in the corners look kind of embarrassed and the one in the middle just looks gay.

  13. Anyone named Tucker is a shitbag. No exceptions.

  14. @Gordon – My dog was named Tucker.

  15. My dog Tucker just died yesterday. Real classy. And why the hell can guys not express emotion. You all are such chickens.

  16. @Stella476

    Sorry to hear about your dog.

    “And why the hell can guys not express emotion. You all are such chickens.”

    Because that would make them girls.

  17. With the exception of wearing two baseball caps, this is not remotely lame.

  18. Ok, making “best friends” one word is lame.

  19. Well, the suntan is weird. Who has brown arms and absolutely white hands? How’s it done? Why?

  20. Maybe he’s a downhill racer or mountain biker or something and he wears gloves?
    It’s like a reverse wetsuit tan though lol.

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