Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Burning the Douches

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  1. hai.

  2. Yeah, pull your fuckin’ pants up .. loser.

  3. really quincy?

  4. The first one is the wrong way around. John may be borderline illiterate, but he is standing up for his girlfriend and is actually a hero.
    Ben can suck my dick.

  5. yourmothersayshi

    it scares me how horrible some people’s grammar is.

  6. @Yourmothersayshi I really hope you’re being sarcastic, it doesn’t often translate well over the internet.

  7. Wait never mind. Awkward language is awkward.

  8. Yourmothersayshi, where you from?

    I’d be willing to pay about 200 bucks for the opportunity to scream your name to you as I splooge into your acid cave.

    Let me know.

  9. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    Walter, I think she’s German but I am not a 100% sure.

  10. Ben’s a fucking twat. I’m a bit concerned for John’s girlfriend! Well I would be if I was giving a fuck today …..

  11. Also, those pants round the knees are annoying. Am I sounding old and past it now?

  12. No you are not, curly. He looks ridiculous. And he’d better watch himself wearing a belt buckle that close to his nutsack.

  13. Ouch!

  14. vaginalroundhouse

    That guy at #2 is so easy to pants or you could just take a good shot to the head and if they are still up, they cannot catch you.

  15. pull your pants up seriously

  16. lmao

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