Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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  1. The 2nd one was funny. Peeing out the window FTW!

  2. I used have a bedroom window 40ft up, you could step out and stand on a ledge and piss into the dark. As I did, frequently, but only when sufficiently drunk.

  3. Can someone explain the first? I literally cannot comprehend what the person is trying to say.

  4. Maybe this will help: Tonight at 8/7 Central

  5. Still nope, beatus. Is it an American thing?
    And if so, how is it an overshare?

  6. It has to do with broadcasting tape delays for different time zones. Many “live” shows air at the same clock time in each time zone, with the exception of the Central time zone. If it airs at 8pm in the Eastern zone, it can be delayed two hours for Mountain time, and three hours for Pacific time. However, because a one-hour delay used to be nearly impossible for station operators to do in the Central time zone (lazy bastards), they would allow the show to air an hour earlier on the clock. So 8/7 Central means it will air at 8:00 in each time zone except Central, where it will air at 7:00.

    However, I think the overshare is simply Rena’s stupidity.

  7. It’s a time zone thing. America, unlike other shitty small countries, stretches across a substantial part of the globe. Therefore….fuck it….


  8. Oh, and yeah, it is kind of an American thing, but I’m sure you do broadcast delays in Australia.

  9. Thanks, beatus. We just have localised advertisements to my knowledge, so it’ll have the local time shown for the Western coast and the local time shown for the Eastern coast.

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